Only Pretend


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Happy late Friday, everyone! It’s time once again for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the amazing Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Today’s photo is by Douglas M. MacIlroy. Read more stories inspired by this photo here. Enjoy today’s tale!

Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy.

Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy.

Only Pretend

“Daddy no! It’s us! Your kids!”

We scream and pull the cushions off the couch. Mommy will probably be mad, but we can’t let him get us. We need shields.

Daddy has The Helmet on. The one that makes him look like a spaceman. It’s scary because we can’t see his eyes.

“I’m not…your daddy…ANYMORE!” he growls and stumbles toward us. We scream again. Darla can scream louder because she’s a girl, but I can run faster because I’m a boy.

Daddy the Monster is about to get us. He roars and I am glad I know it’s only pretend.



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