Six on the Sixth – April 2016

Hello Readers! Sorry for the absence – I’ll try to get back to Friday Fictioneers as soon as I can. In the meantime, it’s already time again for Six on the Sixth – the prompt by Adam Ickes to write six six word stories! The prompt words this month are: Plan, Giant, Pills, Hang, Peddle, and Inch. Enjoy!

By Adam Ickes.

By Adam Ickes.

According to Plan

Despite good intentions, plans go awry.

Big or Small

Mistakes are not always a setback.

A Bitter Taste

Disappointment can be hard to swallow.

Hang in There

Faith and hope keep us going.

More Than We Asked For

Our bargains often come with complications.

Slow Success

Little by little, it works out.



Better Late Than Never

Readers, I’m late again, but I couldn’t let Six on the Sixth escape me -so even though I’m two days late, I hope you’ll enjoy this month’s Six Word Stories.

Adam Ickes has provided our prompt words, which are: Mind, Flash, Entry, Bongo, Carpet and Swept.

By Adam Ickes.

By Adam Ickes.

The Start

She didn’t mind his teasing…much.


The Big Day

A camera flash accompanies “I do.”


New Adventures

A baby comes; everything is new.


Growing Pains

Pots and pans make excellent drums.


Packing Up

Boxes are stacked by the door.


Ready For Your Return

The empty bedroom is swept daily.


Six on the Sixth…Er, Seventh

Hello, dear Readers! I’m just a bit late, but hopefully nobody minds. It’s once again time for Six on the Sixth, the prompt by Adam Ickes to write six, six-word stories on the sixth of the month. This month’s prompt words are: Goblin, Spit, Shine, Belittle, Gape and Maintenance. Enjoy!

By Adam Ickes.

By Adam Ickes.

If You Want a Clean House…

Always leave milk for your hobgoblin.

Just a Little Appreciation

He won’t spit in your soup.

Kindness Pays

Every surface in the house shone.

Small But Still Super

Size is no judge of power.

If You See Him…

It is very rude to stare!

Happy Helper

He takes pride in his work.

Sodden Safari

Happy Friday, Readers! We made it, and now it’s time for Friday Fictioneers. Many thanks to Rochelle for providing us with the prompt, and this week thank you to Erin Leary, who provided the photo. Enjoy!

Copyright: Erin Leary

Copyright: Erin Leary

Sodden Safari

“Remind me again why we’re crossing the marshes instead of going around?” Jude was wet through to the bone and hungry.

“Few know their way through these marshes,” Erza, his wizard guide, said serenely. He didn’t seem to be affected by the damp or the fact that they hadn’t eaten since dawn, which now that the sun was beginning to sink below the horizon, was ages ago. “Going around the marshes is miles and miles longer and fraught with dangers.”

Jude ducked as an enormous dragonfly swooped over his head, nearly knocking him over.

“I’ll take my chances next time.”


Plot Interrupted

Happy Friday, my dear Readers! Sorry for skipping last week, but things got a little busy. Still, I’m back with week with another Friday Fictioneers, inspired by the prompt from the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s photo credit goes to C.E. Ayr.

Copyright C.E. Ayr

Copyright C.E. Ayr

Plot Interrupted

The moment Ms. Sanchez’s rumbling snores could be heard in the next room, Carmen threw off her covers and slipped silently out her bedroom window. She ran to the gate, climbed nimbly over it, then paused to adjust her skirt and hair. Nick was waiting, but she wanted to look her best. She intended to get a kiss tonight, even if she had to steal it.

Light suddenly flooded the drive. Carmen froze. From behind her Ms. Sanchez’s shrill voice cut through the warm night air.

“Where in the world do you think you’re going, Carmen Sandiego?”

She winced. Busted.


Carmen Sandiego is copyrighted by Brøderbund Software. I only borrowed her for a bit of Friday fun. How many of you are singing the theme song now?

What No One Could See

What a week it has been, losing two wonderful, talented men to cancer, both only 69 years old. So young. May Alan Rickman and David Bowie rest in peace. My thoughts and prayer are with their families.

Yet somehow, even in the wake of these sad events, as always, the world keeps turning and time keeps passing, though for some, I’m sure it feels as though it is standing still. Still, it’s time again for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by our lovely Rochelle. This week’s lonely looking photo is provided by Amy Reese. Enjoy.

Copyright: Amy Reese.

Copyright: Amy Reese.

What No One Could See

Violet was convinced she was the only one who could see them.

Whenever she walked past the overgrown, dark steps, no one but her seemed to spare a glance at them.

“What’s down there, do you reckon?” she had asked Bella and Em as they walked past them for the hundredth time.

“Down where?” the girls chorused. Violet frowned.

“Those old stairs.”

Both girls looked alarmed. “There aren’t any stairs, Vi.”

So Violet stopped asking.

One day, she decided to look for herself.

When the missing reports for Violet circulated in the following weeks, not one person checked the stairs.

Out of the Blue

Wow, we’re already into the second Friday of 2016! And that means it’s time for another Friday Fictioneers, our weekly writing prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s photo is provided by Melanie Greenwood.

I decided to take a historical take on this particular prompt. Enjoy!

Copyright Melanie Greenwood.

Copyright Melanie Greenwood.

Out of the Blue

It was a typical day at work – busy. There were three new immigrant families to place, a meeting with the Syrian Mother’s Club and a girls basketball practice later that afternoon.

She had just pulled out her paperwork when Margaret poked her head inside the door. “Amelia, you’ve got a call.”

“I’m too busy to answer just now,” she said, but Margaret was insistent.

“Sounded important.”

“Alright, I’m coming.” Muttering about pranks, Amelia answered the phone.

Her expression changed from irritation to wonder as the man asked, “How would you like to be the first woman to fly the Atlantic?”

* * * * *

You see my references and read more about Amelia Earhart here and here.