Long Live the King

Response to the WordPress One Word Daily Prompt for today: Disagree.

Found via Pinterest.

Found via Pinterest.

Long Live the King

The queen of Drasta was a patient woman.

So patient, in fact, that she didn’t run back down the aisle in hysteric tears when the king forgot her first name at their wedding ceremony. She simply reminded him and the ceremony continued.

When the king postponed their wedding tour of the continent, she didn’t make a fuss, just set to rearranging plans immediately. They would make their tour eventually, she knew. Probably someday. Or maybe not.

At every meal she gently reminded him to chew with his mouth closed, but he never seemed to hear her. Still, she knew  it would sink in after a while. He was the king after all, and manners mattered. Five years of marriage later and she was still waiting for it to sink in.

Day after day the queen patiently ruled beside her king and husband, listening to his monologues on hunting and horse racing, dealing with his tantrums when one of his new policies didn’t go over like he had planned, nodding sympathetically when he complained about never getting a break, looking over his official documents for errors, making sure the kitchen always prepared his favorite meals (even though she knew he would chew them with his mouth open), and so on. She tended to his every need with a patient smile, and the days passed in their (mostly) peaceful kingdom.

She was sitting in her parlor when it happened. Tea had been served, and she was chatting quietly with a few of her attending ladies.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Have you heard the terrible news?” Her attendant, Lady Milred rushed into the room, barely dipping into the customary curtsy. Her cheeks were bright pink, her chest heaving and her hat was falling off her head. She was completely flustered. The queen waited patiently as Lady Mildred fanned herself, frantically trying to compose herself with little success. She gave her queen a look of anguish. “Oh your Majesty, I am deeply sorry to tell you this, but the king has been…has been…” Lady Milred trailed off.

“Yes, Lady Milred? The king has been what?” the queen prompted. The king and his men were currently conquering a neighboring kingdom in the south, and any number of things could have happened to him.

“Oh my, Your Majesty…he has been beheaded!” cried Lady Mildred, fanning herself furiously again. All the other ladies gasped. One even burst into tears.

The queen blinked. “Oh, is that all?”

Lady Mildred gaped at her queen.

“Do close your mouth, Mildred, it isn’t ladylike,” the queen gentle chided her. She took a careful sip of her tea. “Never mind the king and his head. It never was his best feature anyway.”



Looking Up

Happy Day After Friday, Readers! We’ve made it another week. I hope you won’t mind if I’m a day late – I still wanted to write a Friday Fictioneers  story! Thanks, as always to Rochelle for providing us with a prompt. Thanks also to Roger Bultot for this week’s interesting photo. Enjoy!

Copyright: Roger Bultot

Copyright: Roger Bultot

Looking Up

“Straighten your jacket, Daniel.”

“I’ll get it,” snapped Daniel, jerking away from his mother’s fussing hands.

“Smile. Your father is investing a lot of money into this charity, and it’s good PR for us.”

Daniel rolled his eyes. “What’s this charity even for?” But his mother was already gone.

“Literacy.” A lilting voice said from behind him.

He turned, ready to snap at whoever had been eavesdropping, and caught sight of a pretty girl with blue eyes smiling at him. He found himself smiling back.

Maybe this charity thing wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Cross My Heart

Hello Readers! I’m back again, and trying to get back into regular posting, especially with Friday Fictioneers! As always, special thanks to Rochelle for providing us with a weekly prompt, and to Shaktiki Sharma for this week’s photo!

Bit of a dark story today, but enjoy.

Copyright: Shaktiki Sharma

Copyright: Shaktiki Sharma

Cross My Heart

 “Check inside!” The sharp voices of the soldiers outside made Alina’s heart jump to her throat. She pushed herself further into the corner of the mill.

Her brother Nikolai squeezed her hand. “I won’t let them find you, cross my heart,” he said, miming the words with his finger.

Too late, Nikolai realized they had left a trail in the flour and dust on the floor. With one last look at his sister, he stepped from their hiding place. “Don’t shoot! I’ll go with you.”

“We do not want swine,” said the solider as he shot him in the chest.

Simple Joy

Hello, Readers.

It’s been a while. Have you missed me? I’ve certainly missed Friday Fictioneers. Today I’m back, with a story response to Rochelle‘s weekly prompt and 100 word story challenge. Hopefully I’m not too rusty. This week our photo is provided by Vijaya Sundaram.



Copyright: Vijaya Sundaram

Simple Joy

We piled into the attic, our bare feet scuffing along the dusty floor. All seven of us, including baby Jim. Ellie was holding him. He was quiet for once, happy being held.

The twins giggled and whispered amongst themselves and Sarah shushed them, lest we wake up Father, who was passed out in the room below. Mama was out, with no telling when she’d come back.

After much wriggling and shuffling about, we managed to sit in a way so everyone could see out of the dingy attic window. Then the fireworks started and simple joy shone on every face.


Six on the Sixth – April 2016

Hello Readers! Sorry for the absence – I’ll try to get back to Friday Fictioneers as soon as I can. In the meantime, it’s already time again for Six on the Sixth – the prompt by Adam Ickes to write six six word stories! The prompt words this month are: Plan, Giant, Pills, Hang, Peddle, and Inch. Enjoy!

By Adam Ickes.

By Adam Ickes.

According to Plan

Despite good intentions, plans go awry.

Big or Small

Mistakes are not always a setback.

A Bitter Taste

Disappointment can be hard to swallow.

Hang in There

Faith and hope keep us going.

More Than We Asked For

Our bargains often come with complications.

Slow Success

Little by little, it works out.



Better Late Than Never

Readers, I’m late again, but I couldn’t let Six on the Sixth escape me -so even though I’m two days late, I hope you’ll enjoy this month’s Six Word Stories.

Adam Ickes has provided our prompt words, which are: Mind, Flash, Entry, Bongo, Carpet and Swept.

By Adam Ickes.

By Adam Ickes.

The Start

She didn’t mind his teasing…much.


The Big Day

A camera flash accompanies “I do.”


New Adventures

A baby comes; everything is new.


Growing Pains

Pots and pans make excellent drums.


Packing Up

Boxes are stacked by the door.


Ready For Your Return

The empty bedroom is swept daily.


Six on the Sixth…Er, Seventh

Hello, dear Readers! I’m just a bit late, but hopefully nobody minds. It’s once again time for Six on the Sixth, the prompt by Adam Ickes to write six, six-word stories on the sixth of the month. This month’s prompt words are: Goblin, Spit, Shine, Belittle, Gape and Maintenance. Enjoy!

By Adam Ickes.

By Adam Ickes.

If You Want a Clean House…

Always leave milk for your hobgoblin.

Just a Little Appreciation

He won’t spit in your soup.

Kindness Pays

Every surface in the house shone.

Small But Still Super

Size is no judge of power.

If You See Him…

It is very rude to stare!

Happy Helper

He takes pride in his work.