In The Mood

Hi Readers! Sorry for my short absence. I missed a fabulous Friday Fictioneers photo prompt last week, but I won’t let you down this week! As usual, thanks to Rochelle for continuing to inspire us with prompts, and this week thanks to David Stewart for providing the story. Enjoy my story, and find more stories prompted by this photo here!

Copyright: David Stewart

Copyright: David Stewart

In The Mood

“Don’t cry Sweetheart, it’s our wedding day.” Max kissed the corners of his bride’s eyes and held her in his arms as they swayed to the jazzy music.

“Grandpa loved the Glenn Miller band,” Linda whispered. “I just wish he was here.”

He followed Linda’s gaze to the gazebo holding the band and her grandma, standing not far away. He steered them over to the old woman and pulled her over to his other side. “No one should be standing still during this song!”

When both women smiled he said, “See? Your grandpa is here, alive in his favorite music.”


The topic of this week’s Photo Challenge is ORANGE.

This week, share a group of photos where orange is either the dominant color, or provides a bold highlight. Shoot for at least three photos, and look for different shades — bright neons, deep rusts, delicate peaches.

With such a topic, how could I think of anything else than of my flaming haired siblings? In particular, my sister Molly, who happens to love the color orange. So she is the star of these photos. Enjoy!


I bought her this dress…as soon as I saw the color I knew Molly had to have it.

Molly is a great drinker of tea, and as you can see from the chip, this is one of her favorite cups.

Molly is a great drinker of tea. As you can see from the chip, this is one of her favorite cups.

Molly is beautiful from all sides.

Molly is beautiful from all sides.


Nighttime Reveler

Happy Friday, Readers! It’s time again for Friday Fictioneers, our weekly writing prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Each week bloggers from all over the world respond to Rochelle’s photo prompt with a 100 word story. This week’s photo is courtesy of Sandra Crook. Enjoy!

Copyright: Sandra Crook

Copyright: Sandra Crook

Nighttime Reveler

Leisel. Her whispered name pulled her into wakefulness.

She was laying on her back in an empty, frost-covered field. Pain like thousands of needles shot through her fingers and toes, which were bare. Gingerly she sat up, looking down in bewilderment at her torn party dress, its colors looking dull in the faint morning light.

How did I get here? The words echoed in her head and she winced as though someone had shouted.

Gradually, flashes from the previous night filtered into her mind.

The swirl of elegant gowns, tinkling music, bell-like laughter…her head spun. Why couldn’t she remember?


Faerie Ring

Post number two for today is the weekly-awaited, Friday Fictioneers! As always, thanks to Rochelle for providing the prompt, and a special thanks to Erin Leary for today’s photo. If you like my story, you can find more responses to this prompt here. Happy Reading!

Copyright: Erin Leary

Copyright: Erin Leary

Faerie Ring

“Don’t be such a baby, Tim.”

“Remember what happened to Kelly? We should have at least brought an offering.”

Iris snorted. “What good would a bit of bread and milk do? The faerie ring will keep us safe. We’ll make our wish and go.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works…”

“Shh! There it is!” Iris pushed past Tim and leapt into the small ring of white toadstools. Immediately the air around her rustled and grew colder.

Tim hesitated. “Iris…”

She didn’t hear him. She was looking at the dancing lights.

Six on the Sixth – March 2015

Hello, Readers. Happy Friday! You’re in for a double post today. First up, Six Word Stories, prompted by the (sometimes) nefarious Adam Ickes.

Six on the Sixth Logo created by Adam Ickes.

Six on the Sixth Logo created by Adam Ickes.

This month’s prompt words are: jump, laugh, caveman, crank, filter, and clue. Delicious, aren’t they? Enjoy my stories below.

They Are Coming

The door slammed shut. Ian jumped.

Blood or Coin

The troll demanded his bridge toll.

Lost and Found

Found: Music box in theater basement. 

X Marks The Spot

After weeks of sifting sand…gold!

A Grim Headline

Twelve dead. Police have no leads.


*A special note: This is officially my 200th post! Expect a post commemorating this event soon!



Tiffany Times Three

WordPress asks:

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Now this is a really fascinating prompt, especially since it is actually a fairly regular topic of conversation with my boyfriend. So let’s play pretend:

It’s happened. The day has come. Through the miracle of science or the mystery of magic, I have been cloned. There are now three versions of myself – exact copies. What will I do with them? Let’s make a list:

Photo on 2014-06-10 at 08.37

Tiffany Prime: The Original, The Creator. This Tiffany will spend time with the family, visit friends and hang out with my (our?) boyfriend. We’ll play video games with the boys, go shopping and giggle with the girls, help Mom around the house, watch TV with Dad, go on dates with Ryan, go and see my (our) friends. All will share my love and attention.

Photo on 2014-01-13 at 14.53

Tiffany II: The Worker, The Designer. This Tiffany will go to work for me everyday and pick up all my freelance design projects. She might also pick up and side jobs I find myself volunteering for.


Tiffany III: The Artist, The Writer. This Tiffany shall write. She will work on and finish my novel(s), keep my blog updated, read good books, practice poetry, attend art classes and spend way too much time on Pinterest. She will work on all those creative projects I have started but never finished and improve my (our) drawing skills.

The Power of Three

I will not make our jobs exclusive. We can switch it up or pitch in where we’re needed (like spending time with both the family (movie night) and Ryan (date night)). Or pick up double shifts at work (do we get paid double?). And, if he is very lucky, perhaps the three of us will all go on a date with Ryan. ;)


What would you do if you could clone yourself?


What does reward mean to you?

That is what our Weekly Photo Challenge asks us. Reward means many things to me – getting a little quiet time to curl up with a book, a chocolate milkshake after a hard day at work, going to a nice dinner after a month of staying in, getting an extra bonus in my paycheck for for hard work, seeing joy on a customer’s face after they receive their product that I designed…I could keep going, but you get the idea.

But my greatest reward is, without a doubt, being a part of my family and getting to come home to this crazy, silly, lovable group everyday. I hope wherever we go in life, we never grow apart.


Mom’s not in this one since she’s behind the camera, but props to the woman who brings a smile to all of our faces.