Visiting Smallville

I took a little trip down memory lane and watched a bit of Smallville today. I’m a huge Superman fan and Smallville has been one of my favorite shows ever. And I couldn’t resist those beautiful cheek bones and blue-green eyes of Clark Kent, so did a little portrait work. What do you think? Did I do him justice?


This sketch was done with HB through B6 graphite pencils on 50lb sketch paper.

Smallville © by Warner Brothers Inc.



5 thoughts on “Visiting Smallville

  1. Thanks so much Ellen! BTW – Smallville was definitely one of the best shows on television – I was so sad when it came to an end! Have you been watching Arrow? It’s not our Ollie, but it’s still a pretty awesome show!

  2. I enjoyed what little I have seen of the Smallville series. I could buy Tom Welling as Clark Kent, at least at this age. But I really enjoyed Kristin Kreuk, Erica Durance and Allison Mack. Yeah, i am a guy who loves the pretty girls.

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