So long 2012…hello 2013.

Another year gone.

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I can hardly believe 2013 is upon us. I really do believe time flies as you get older. I feel like my life has been on fast forward since I started high school, and that was eight years ago. Eight!

So let’s take a moment to reflect on this past year. Isn’t that was New Year’s Eve is for? So. 2012. We’ve had a good year. It brought us The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and the Hobbit. One Direction rose in teen pop star popularity and Tom Cruise got divorced. We had a presidential election and a supposed “end of the world’ (yay, we survived!) and J.K. Rowling published a new book. Not too bad, for a quick glance.

For me personally, 2012 was not a bad year at all. I started a new job, was introduced to the wonderful universe of Doctor Who, and finished the first draft of my fantasy novel. I made new friends and delved deeper into the world of fanfiction. I started this blog. I discovered Pinterest. I’ve grown closer than ever before with my family and gained a deeper understanding of my faith. I feel proud of accomplishments for 2012 and I hope high hopes for even better things in 2013. What about you?

What are your goals? What would you like to accomplish in this new year?

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Photo credit here.

Mr. King has a good point here. I’ve been saying I have these goals for my life for so long, but this year, I want to actually do some of them. I want to stop being afraid of moving forward and just go.

Firstly, I’d like to travel to Europe. I’ve been saving for a year now, and I think I’ve finally got enough to go. It will be scary, traveling so far away from home, but amazing and wonderful and exciting all at the same time. Look out Europe, here I come!

Secondly, I’d like to get that draft of my novel into publishable state. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was five years old, and it’s time to get serious about publishing. I’m looking into self-publishing at the moment, but my novel has a long way to go before then. Let’s make it happen this year!

And third, I want to open myself up for love. My sister says I like the idea of love, but that I’m closed to the idea of going out there and meeting people. That I offer a quick peek of myself to people, but just as quickly slam the door and hide inside my safe world where I already know everyone and they already know me. I suppose I just need to let go. I’m not looking for a relationship, but if one finds me this year…I’ll try not to run away.

So those are my hopes for the future. What are yours? Are you ready to make this new year even more fantastic than last year? Or, if 2012 was a hard year for you, are you ready to overcome those challenges and make the most of tomorrow?

I say…bring it on 2013!


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    1. Thanks! I think you have a point there. I’ve been putting Europe on my “want-to-do list” for too long now. I making it happen this year! I had a friend who visited Dublin before Christmas…she said it was beautiful! I’ll definitely make a point to see it if I can. 🙂

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