Elizabeth Bennet…200 Years of Awesome


“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

For those of you have not yet had the divine pleasure of reading those words, I’ll tell you they are the first line of Jane Austen’s most famous work, Pride and Prejudice, which just this past Monday, January 28th, celebrated its 200th anniversary of publication. Wow!

Talk about writing success. To have your words still be widely read and loved 200 years after publication…it’s a writer’s ultimate dream.

Not only has Jane’s book been a long-time worldwide favorite, it has also inspired countless adaptions, spin-offs, sequels and fan stories in all manner of media – from books to film to comics and so much more. One of the most current of these adaptions is a modern, online version titled The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This web-based series tells this classic story through the modern and tech-savvy eyes of Elizabeth Bennet. And it. Is. AWESOME.

Check out this awesome web series here!
Check out this awesome web series here!

Seriously. This web series, which combines YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and pretty much any other form of social media you can think of is my new addiction. I feel like I am rediscovering my favorite story, and I highly recommend any fan of Pride and Prejudice to go look this show up. Right now.

Lizzie posts her videos on Mondays and Thursdays, and you can tune in (after catching up!) at 9 AM PST. I know I will be! Just as soon as I finish catching up. Which at the rate I’m going…will be soon. Speaking of which, I’m off to watch another episode! And in case you missed my earlier links, you can find your way to the Lizzie Bennet homepage here.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Pride and Prejudice to celebrate 200 years of awesome!


12 thoughts on “Elizabeth Bennet…200 Years of Awesome

      1. I’d like to beat him with a shin bone…I shall vehemently guard Jane’s awesomeness against Mark Twain… 😉

        Oddly enough, I had a professor in college who argued with me regularly over Jane vs. Twain.

      2. And maybe I’m Jane. If anything I ever write could get the acclaim her books have gotten…and be loved as much as her books…well, I don’t know what I’d do with that kind of love and fame.

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