A Blind Date With A Book

This month at my local library, you can go on a blind date with a book.

Photo credit here.
Photo credit here.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but if you’re still looking for love, you can get “set up” with a mystery date at the library. Patrons have the option to pick up a wrapped book at the main desk and they won’t know the “identity” of their book until they get home.

Photo credit here.
Photo credit here.

Just like with any blind date, you won’t know anything about your date until you “get to know them,” so pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea and crack open your mystery book to find out if it’s the one for you!

Is this a neat way to discover new books or what? Has your library done this or something similar before? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the library for a date…

8 thoughts on “A Blind Date With A Book

  1. When I was at school our library did something like this. I thought it was very clever, and ended up with a very confusing and higthly technical sci-fi novel that I never would have picked up otherwise. It was an interesting experience.

    1. I know! I was so excited when I saw it. Yes, I did get a book, and I ended up with “The Trouble With Magic” by Patricia Rice. It’s a Regency Romance with magic thrown in. Seems pretty good so far!

      1. Cool! There must be a great sense of serendipity when you get a random book, like it was “meant to be” hehe 🙂


      2. Yes there is. I would have at least attempted to read the book, whatever it was, even if it wasn’t something I would normally read, but it’s so much better that it turned out to be something I liked. I may even look up other books by this author. 🙂

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