An Illuminating Award

I love surprises. Especially the little ones, like unexpected compliments that are so random they couldn’t be anything other than sincere. Today I’d like to thank Rohan for nominating me for the Illuminating Blogger Award, and recommend that all of you head on over to see his delightful blog, which is full of inspiring, funny and uplifting posts.

light bulb concept

I started this blog in November of 2012 as a personal writing project. I wanted to expand my writing experience and maybe share a bit of happiness in the world. So far I’ve been blessed with some new friends and a great response from readers.

The bloggers I’d like to illuminate today are:

Ellen Grey Carter – I’ve nominated her for a blogging award before, and I’m doing it again because she’s so fabulous. Definitely stop by her blog if you get the chance.

The Geek Anthropologist – A blog I’ve recently discovered and found interesting. I like her “anthropological” approach to sci-fi and general geekiness. I look forward to exploring it more thoroughly.

Second Breakfast – Aside from having a ridiculous awesome name (or is that just my Tolkien geekiness showing?), I enjoy reading her book reviews.

ipledgeafallegiance – A no nonsense blog about common sense and public education in America. Warning! Political views involved. But it is certainly illuminating.

You’ve Been Hooked! – Exactly what the name says. Once you’ve started reading, you’ll be hooked!

In order to acknowledge the award, post the badge on your blog, share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to 5 other bloggers.

There you have it! My acceptance of the award and my five nominees. Be sure to stop by their blogs for a peek. Each are worth a visit.

Until next time, dear readers.

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