Magical Mail: Part 1

There’s nothing quite like getting something in the mail. I’m not talking about bills or junk mail of course, but things like packages, letters or a postcard. Personal mail sent to you from a friend or family member. The only thing better than that is getting magical mail.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone © by Warner Brothers Inc.

I am participating in a Harry Potter Box Swap, where two Harry Potter fans fill a box with HP merchandise and crafts, send it to another fan, and get one in return.
I met my swap partner on Facebook, after one of the admins of a fan page I follow (S.P.E.W.) posted that they would be holding a Harry Potter Box Swap if anyone was interested. I immediately signed up and I have had a blast creating the items to put in my partner’s box.

I tried to include just about everything you would need to be a proper witch or wizard. Nearly everything in the box was designed and/or made by me, inspired by the Harry Potter series as well as some tutorials I found online.

A wand:

Harry Potter Wand
Made using a dowel rod, hot glue and acrylic paint.

An owl to carry your messages. (also a good companion if you are locked in your room all summer by anti-magic muggles).

Little paper owl and a small bird cage from Michael's Craft Store.
Little paper owl and a small bird cage from Michael’s Craft Store.

A shirt to show off your House Pride. (my swap partner is a Gryffindor and quite fond of the Weasleys, so I thought “Weasley Is Our King” would be a good fit.)

Weasley Is Our King Shirt
Red t-shirt, design painted with gold acrylic paint.

Potions Ingredients, including Powdered Bicorn Horn, Sopohorus Beans and Sprigs of Valerian.

potion ingredients
Bottles from Michael’s Craft Store, Chopped Onion, Soup Beans and Italian Seasoning.

A Necklace featuring Professor Snape’s Patronus and most famous line. (My swap partner loves Severus!)

Always Snape necklace
Doe & window charm and gold chain from Hobby Lobby Craft Store. “Always” designed in Adobe Illustrator.

A Gryffindor bookmark to use while reading.

Gryffindor bookmark
“You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart” bookmark, designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Some English Breakfast Tea and a Gryffindor Red Mug. For a nice cup of tea while reading your favorite Harry Potter book (or writing your History of Magic essay).

red tea cup and twinings tea
A red tea cup and a box of Twinings tea from Walmart.

Some House Decor. My swap partner is a mother, so I figure at some point she’ll find some use for this sign.

House elves don't work here sign
Sign designed in Adobe Illustrator, framed in a simple black frame.

And some of Honeydukes Finest Chocolate. (Because who doesn’t like chocolate?)

Honeydukes chocolate
Honeydukes wrapper designed in Adobe Illustrator. The chocolate is Hershey’s.

I finished off my box with a short letter written on aged parchment (paper painted with tea to give it an “old” look) in green ink, outlining what to expect in the box and telling a little about myself. I have high hopes this exchange will lead to a long and happy friendship!

I haven’t received my box yet, but I’ll be posting again when I do, to show off all the awesomeness!

To wrap this up I want to thank the amazing J.K. Rowling for creating a little bespectacled boy wizard with messy back hair and taking us all on the magical journey of a lifetime!

Thank you J.K. Rowling

Part 2 of Magical Mail will be coming soon!

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