Just Call Me Ollivander

First I must give thanks to Majann, who posted a wonderful tutorial on how to make wands, thus inspiring my wand-making frenzy. You can find her tutorial here.

You might remember the wand I included in my Harry Potter Swap Box, which I posted last week. After making one however, I decided the process and result was too awesome not to try again, so I made myself a whole box full. Here are the fruits of my labor:

Wands by Tiffany
All wands were made using a dowel rod, hot glue, beads (in some cases) and acrylic paint.

After making this selection of wands, I presented them to my siblings and had them each find the wand that suited them. Much like in Harry Potter, though some of my sibling picked up several of the wands, only one “felt right” for them.

“Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember….”

-Ollivander, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I did the same. We then amused ourselves by running about the house shouting spells at each other. 

Here are our wands:

Tiffany's wand
This is my wand. I’m quite fond of it.
 Stephanie's wand.
This is my sister Stephanie’s wand. I knew she would choose a black wand!
Ben's wand
This is my brother Ben’s wand. We’ll ignore the fact that it looks a little like Voldemort’s wand.
Molly's wand
This is my sister Molly’s wand. I am only slightly worried that the first thing she did with it was yell a curse.
Kelsey's wand
This is my sister Kelsey’s wand. Perhaps she can help keep Molly in line.
Bo's wand
This is my brother Bo’s wand. He insists on shouting Expecto Patronum every time he pulls it out.

I have a fair few left over, waiting for their owners. Perhaps I didn’t need to make quite so many, but I had so much fun doing it!


wand 2wand 3wand 4wand 5wand 6

Perhaps I should start my own wand shop…or continue making them for fun. I do have quite a few Harry Potter fan friends…

What do you think?


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