A Murderer’s Reverie

I have a poem to share with you today. I wrote several years back, but the gloomy weather outside reminded me of it. Enjoy.

Photo by Tommy Oshima
Credit here.

You don’t understand

I had to kill him

He was always hiding anyway

And when you least expect it

He runs out at you

Or at least he did

But I killed him.

I had to

Anyone else would’ve done the same

In my position

He was the dark mysterious type

Always creeping around

Startling everyone with his appearance

With his spindly legs

Either slowly inching across the floor

Or dashing across the floor

He didn’t like the screaming.

I hated him.

It took courage

To do what I did

Someone had to put their foot down

So I killed him.

Surely it was the right thing to do

I rid the world of a monstrosity

And I’m not sorry

Because I know some people

Will sleep better tonight


That I killed him.



6 thoughts on “A Murderer’s Reverie

      1. Actually, when I wrote this poem, I was thinking of a spider. But that’s the beautiful thing about poetry, there’s so many ways to interpret it.

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