The Last Thing You’ll Ever Say

Every morning before my little brother heads out the door to get on the bus, he yells over his shoulder, “Bye, love you, see you tonight, have a good day, I love you!” in the loud, enthusiastic voice that most ten year olds speak with. It never fails to make me smile.

i love you
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Today though, I asked Bo why he says “I love you” twice. In a most serious voice he answered, “because I think those are the last words you should say to someone in case you never see them again.”

I stopped, surprised. Whatever I had been expecting him to say, it wasn’t that. I felt a little tug on my heart, imagining Bo worrying about never seeing one of us again. I thought some more about it, and I realized he’s right. No one knows when their time will come. Often it comes when we least expect it. So why not make “I love you” the last thing you say to someone, every time you see them? Or at least, end it on a positive note. There’s nothing worse than parting with a fight.

It’s things like this that make me feel incredibly blessed to have the family I have. Not a day goes by when I don’t find something new to laugh or smile about or be thankful for.

So this post is dedicated to my little brother Bo, who reminded me (even though he can be a pest at times) that life is too short to spend it fighting or feeling annoyed with someone you care about. If it’s the last thing I’ll ever say to someone, I want it to be something kind. Thanks Bo.


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