How Do You Catch A Cloud And Pin It Down?

How do you save your thoughts?

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As a writer, as well as just getting through day to day life, I find myself constantly plagued with thoughts, ideas and memories I don’t want to forget. The problem is, they’re intangible, like smoke or clouds. I can’t pin them to the fridge or save them in a box. So how do I save them to ensure I won’t forget them later?

My go-to method of saving an idea mostly involves writing it down on whatever spare writing material I can find – and if nothing else is available, I write it on my hand (which makes my mother frown – How many times have I told you not write on yourself?” – “But Mom, it was important.“). I am particularly fond of Post-It Notes and usually carry a pad of them in my purse. There are currently three Post-It Notes on my desktop computer, reminding me to get certain things finished and one has a quote from Alice Hoffman (which I stumbled upon the other day and wanted to remember.).

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If I’m at home or have more time on my hands, I have a composition notebook I keep handy to write down story ideas or make quick character sketches. It’s not very organized – things are scribbled in the margins, on the cover and out of order, but at least I have it written down, right?

I also keep a journal, for my more personal memories and thoughts. I started keeping a journal in high school, after many failed attempts to keep a diary – I decided that diary was too girly, but apparently calling it a journal did the trick and I was able to keep one regularly. It became an excellent outlet for thoughts I didn’t want to tell anyone else (and still is). Putting things on paper seems to help me figure things out – especially my emotions.

So – Post-It Notes, journals, scrap pieces of paper, random Word documents – that’s how I save my ideas. What about you? How you save your ideas? Are you organized, or do you just have a box full bits of paper with scribbles on them? Do you prefer to keep a handwritten journal, or are you all digital? Let me know know in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “How Do You Catch A Cloud And Pin It Down?

  1. I type out notes in a word document on my laptop and i also use the notepad thingie on my iphone. (i also put my shopping list on there, too!) 🙂

    1. Nice. I have a friend who uses the iPhone notepad thing all the time too. I tried using my phone, but I’d always forget when I put things on there! Just I need a more physical reminder. But that would be super handy for shopping lists – I always seem to lose mine when I write them down!

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