Alan Rickman Appreciation Day

I have an important announcement to make: Tomorrow, April 20th, is Alan Rickman Appreciation Day.

Alan Rickman
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Alan Rickman is an English actor most well known for his role as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page here.

Sassy Severus
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For those of you wondering, no, this isn’t technically an official holiday, but in my own biased opinion, it should be. Alan Rickman Appreciation Day began a year ago tomorrow, when I decided to surprise my younger sister Stephanie at college with a chocolate cake. (If you’re confused, just bear with me. All will become clear soon. Or possibly more confusing, as I’m not entirely sure I can put my sister and I’s appreciation for Alan Rickman into words.)

There was no special occasion or reason for bringing the chocolate cake, only that she had mentioned it to me in passing how she had been craving it, so like a good sister, I obliged. It was was fun visit, naturally full of much giggling and hugging and of course, eating chocolate cake. However, there was one thing I hadn’t planned on happening before going to visit: the night before, I had watched the 2007 film, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street for the first time.

I watched the movie because I am a sometimes rabid Johnny Depp fan, and one of my friends had told me I simply had to watch it. So I did. The thing I didn’t know, however, was the fact that Alan Rickman was also in the movie. And he. was. singing.

Now the thing you need to know about Alan Rickman is that the only thing more famous than himself is his voice. That beautiful, deep, soothing and slightly unsettling baritone voice is the object of adoration to millions of women all over the world. And being such, I was not prepared to suddenly and with out warning hear it singing. I actually had to pause the film and collect my thoughts because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that Alan Rickman, who in my mind was fixed as Professor Snape, was singing. Once I had accepted this fact, I was able to watch the rest of the film without any further mental breakdowns.

Alan Rickman's voice
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Taking into consideration the massive emotional shock I had undergone the night before, I immediately inflicted the same shock on my sister, who is also a huge Harry Potter fan (and a particular fan of Snape). Her reaction was much the same as mine, though probably more exaggerated since I was there and we could jump around the room screaming and covering our faces to peek through our fingers at the screen. (we do enjoy being fangirls). You can watch the clip we viewed here.

We then spent the rest of the visit contemplating the sexiness of Alan Rickman’s voice. Thus, our strange fascination with the man and his voice was born, and a new holiday began.

snape approves
Photo credit here.

So please everyone, join in the celebration of Alan Rickman by popping in your favorite Alan movie (be it Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Die Hard, Sense & Sensibility or another), sit back, and enjoy the awesomeness. Eat cake. Be happy. Thank you.

(P.S. Thank you, dear readers for putting up with my brief bouts of fangirl craziness. I like to think it’s part of my charm.)


36 thoughts on “Alan Rickman Appreciation Day

  1. I love him! 🙂 This makes me remember the good times where me and a friend were completely obsessed with him, his voice and his role as professor Snape! Oh and I love that Patrick picture. I even just sent it to that girl to bring back the memories, haha! 🙂 Great post, whole the world should think about him tomorrow! 😉

    1. Thank you! Oh, I’m glad, I hope your friend enjoys it. I died laughing when I saw that Patrick picture. 🙂 I’m going to visit my sister at college tomorrow (bringing a chocolate cake, of course) and we’re going to watch on of his movies. We even made t-shirts! Haha!
      Thanks for reading and hope you have a happy Alan Rickman Appreciation Day!

  2. Haha, great post. I think just about everyone, man or woman, has just a tiny crush on Alan Rickman 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, this was awesome!


    1. Haha, I think this is true. It’s that voice! Glad you enjoyed it. My sister and I had a very good time eating chocolate cake and geeking out over Alan Rickman on Saturday. 🙂

  3. I definitely approve of your somewhat random appreciation of Alan Rickman, however as a (kind of) old dude, I feel obliged to point out that Alan Rickman was, is, and shall always be the mortal enemy of Bruce Willis (no disrespect to Professor Snape intended).

  4. Dude is awesomely versatle. I’ve been catching him on the old Robin Hood and he just has such a evil vile character, and yet he is so good in the good guy roles like Haans from Die hard…wait….

      1. Haha, and I love this comment. It comes from the same love that prompted my sister and I to start Alan Rickman Appreciation Day! 😀

      2. Evil laughter, monologuing about how we will take over while the hero escapes, minnion swapping, evil gadget presents, parades in our evil undergrounds lairs, it will be epic.

      3. Oh yes. I am super pumped for this. And now I have a whole year to perfect my laugh, come up with my evil alias, make my plan for world domination, hire some henchmen and put together the perfect outfit. 😀

      4. We get to talk about how we will just keep Kryptonite around our necks just so we can torture Superman! Do gooder! Of course you need the perfect outfit.

      5. Oh dear. I’m a fan of Supes. Oh well, I guess not that day, right! Haha, this is going to be awesome. If anyone catches me talking to myself in the mirror between now and then, I’ll tell them I’m practicing my monologue.

      6. I am actually a huge fan of Supes too, but I will suspend it that day. I can’t wait for Man of Steel. It looks awesome. I will be practicing my mistreatment of my minioins.

      7. Oh same here…I am counting down the days until Man of Steel…it’s going to be awesome. Hmm, mistreatment of minions…do siblings count? Haha.

      8. 36 days, in case you wanted to know. Mistreatment of siblings is a requirement of evil people. Whether you want their lazy, miscreant behaved selves as minnions, well that is up to you.

      9. Just a little over a month! 😀 Alright then. Though it is possibly we could form a league of evil instead…putting our minds together may be the best course of action.

      10. We can enjoy the movie, but while watching it, we can think of evil things we could do to Superman. We have almost a year to procrastinate for Evil day. The league of evil always procrastinates until the last moment, bumbles the evil plan then blames the minnions.

      11. Excellent, excellent…what a perfect plot. Oh good. I had hoped the league of evil were procrastinators. I’m a perfect candidate already.

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