The Book Notes Project

Today I’ve decided to join A Wordless Blogger‘s The Book Notes Project.

book notes project
Check out more about A Worldess Blogger’s Book Notes Project here.

The idea behind The Book Notes Project is to leave inspiring, complimenting or happy notes inside library books for the next person who checks out the book to find. Hopefully these little notes will brighten someone’s day.

The notes could say anything – from a simple, “Have a great day!” to “Be sure to smile today,” or “You’re totally awesome.” They might pertain specifically to the book they’re placed in, or maybe have a quote from the author. In any case, the whole point is to put a smile on someone’s face.

This idea to spread happiness and a little positive thinking in the world is just the reason why I want to join. Who wouldn’t want to add a little joy to someone’s day?

If you’d like to to join in the fun, head on over to A Wordless Blogger’s blog to find out more. Have a great day!


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