With a Bottle of Gin

Happy Friday! It’s that time once again…time for Friday Fictioneers, courtesy of the lovely Rochelle. And here’s today’s photo prompt:

Photo by Ted Strutz.

With a bottle of Gin

“What you doin’ in a place like this, doll?”

I pause in the act of shading my newest addition on the back wall of the bar. It’s a colorful, eclectic collage of drawings I’ve made during my time here. The regulars call it “Jo’s Wall.”

“You know the reason, Fred,” I answer. He nods and knocks on the bar, his signal for another shot.

“ Donna Jo, you slackin’ out there?” My boss’s bellows pierce stale morning air.

“Keep your pants on Max!” I shout back. I pour Fred’s shot.

I’m paying for art school with a bottle of gin.


8 thoughts on “With a Bottle of Gin

  1. I absolutely love your super hero stick figure picture. (I wasn’t sure where to comment about it, but I thought it was a must to let you know!)

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