The Last Outpost

Hello and welcome once again to Friday Fictioneers, where I will hopefully delight you all with an interesting story told in exactly 100 words. Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff Fields for providing us with the photo prompt.

Photo by Sarah Ann Hall.
Photo by Sarah Ann Hall.

The Last Outpost

Avery studied the worn pillars with an odd feeling of regret. “They used to be part of King Evan’s last outpost,” he said to his comrade Martin.

“Who?” Martin asked dumbly, not really paying attention. He was scanning the surrounding area for potential threats.

“King Evan. The one who defeated the giants.”

Martin scoffed. “You believe that?”

“Of course.”

“That’s just a story for children.”

Avery felt offended on his late grandfather’s behalf. “No it isn’t,” he insisted firmly.

“Let’s just get back to the patrol,” Martin said, marching away.

Avery lingered for a moment. “I’ll prove it someday, Grandfather.”



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