Boy Band Jams

It’s a boy band kind of week for me.

Everyone has their favorite songs, bands and musical groups – that one song or band that can always get you pumped up and in a good mood. For me, that group is the Jonas Brothers (who I am incidentally going to see in concert this summer – so psyched). No matter what kind of mood I’m in, their music can always make me feel good.

jonas brothers 2013 summer tour
This delicious photo of the Jonas Brothers is via Cambio.

But every now and then a day comes along when you just need your jams, because it’s too nice out to be working inside and you really have no motivation, but you’ve got to get things done. So even though you’d rather be out cruising, enjoying the weather and blasting the radio so loud that you can feel the bass in your chest, you just turn on your “Jams” playlist on your computer and get to work.

So today, while I am fastidiously working on updating next month’s print ads for work, I will be unashamedly be listening to my Boy Band Jams, which include One Direction, Big Time Rush, a few select Justin Bieber songs (they’re catchy, dang it!), and of course, the Jonas Brothers. I may or may not be dancing in my desk chair.

Doctor dancing
Thank you, Tumblr.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone.


15 thoughts on “Boy Band Jams

  1. Can’t say I agree with your taste in music (Jonas brothers *shudder*) but I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award anyway. For details, follow the link.

    1. I won’t hold it against you. 🙂 I am often in the minority with my taste in music. I mostly listen to film soundtracks and classical music, but the JB are my exception, one I happily make. 😀
      Thank you for the nomination!

      1. Zimmer is a genius. It’s really a shame that modern ‘classical’ composers don’t get that much exposure apart from movie soundtracks.

      2. I know! I would definitely go see an orchestra performing his work…I also enjoy Murray Gold’s work from Doctor Who, John Williams, and Patrick Doyle. You?

      3. I’m ashamed to admit apart from Zimmer, Howard Shore and Ennio Morricone I don’t really know the names of movie composers. Do love the Doctor Who soundtrack, though. That string section every time Matt Smith’s about to kick ass – gooseflesh every time.

      4. Oh! I almost forgot about Howard Shore (how could I do that?) I tend to think in terms of movies rather than composers sometimes…oh yes! I adore string sections – and I know just the part you are talking about! In fact, I’m listening to the Doctor Who soundtrack right now…

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