Pay Phone Goodbyes

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to another round of Friday Fictioneers, courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Again I’ll take our photo prompt and create a short, 100-word story for your reading pleasure. Here is this week’s prompt:

danny bowman
Photo courtesy of Danny Bowman.

Pay phone GOODBYES

Darla answered the phone on the first ring.


“It’s me.”

“Cyrus! Thank heaven, where are you?”

“Doesn’t matter. Listen Darla, I don’t have much time. The patrol will be here any minute to pick me up.”

Darla gasped.

“It’s the only way. I’ve got to face what I’ve done or we’ll never have any peace. They’ll take me back to Agora for trial.”

“I’ll never see you again.”

“When this is all over, I’ll find you.”


“I…” The line went dead as Cyrus was teleported onto a waiting patrol ship.

Three thousand miles away, Darla dissolved into tears.


13 thoughts on “Pay Phone Goodbyes

    1. Not soon enough. I’ve still got lots of editing to do. If only I could get paid to do that…*sighs bitterly*
      SO excited. I get more and more excited every time I see a trailer. My friends have started cutting out coupons with Superman on them and sending them to me. Last week I got a Twizzlers and a Gilette’s razors coupon just because the mentioned Man of Steel. I hung them up at my desk. :p

      1. Walmart is doing some deal where you can go a day early. How do I get on that? Did you see the latest trailer that is from Zod’s perspective? It looks sick!

      2. What?! I want in on that too! Oh my goodness yes! That trailer is absolutely wicked and I was freaking out for at least ten minutes after seeing it. 21 days seems so far away!

      3. 21 days is way too long. The problem with the Walmart thing is that you have to go to Walmart. And do things. Too much work. Perhaps I will just go to a midnight thing. I’ve watched that trailer at least a dozen times since.

      4. Absolutely. Haha, that is very true. My dad won’t go to the midnight showing, and I can’t go without him (he and I are TV buddies, and I get my love of Superman from him) so we’ll probably go opening Saturday. Haha, me too. I just can’t get enough of it!

      5. Dads are good for stuff like that. I try to be that kind of dad too! I am trying ingrain Supes into my son, but he keeps liking Spiderman, Iron Man and Batman. Someday.

      6. Dad and I have always been TV buddies…ever since I was a baby. I was the only one of us kids who would sit and watch basketball with him (I think I liked the colors). Then we progressed to watching Batman cartoons and Gargoyles, and from there it was a natural progression into superheroes and action movies. Even though I think other heroes have better movies (until June 14th, at least), Supes has always been my favorite. Yes, I’m sure someday your son will have a great appreciation for Supes someday – how could he not?

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