The Botched Hit

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, the weekly writing prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I thought last week’s photo prompt was strange, but check out the one for this week:

piano man
Photo by John Nixon.

The Botched Hit

“We’ve got a problem, Boss.”


Quickfingers glanced over at his partner and clutched the phone closer to his ear. “Everything didn’t go as smoothly as we planned. Funny Bone is dead.”

More silence.

Sweat appeared on Quickfingers’ brow. “Miss Trevalaine escaped.”

“Anything else?”

Quickfingers hesitated. “It was Jericho, Sir.”

Violent curses crackled through the phone. Quickfingers flinched and tugged at his collar.

“Very well,” said the low voice, seemingly more collected. “You have until dawn to fix this, or Jericho will be the least of your problems.”

Quickfingers dropped the phone. It was going to be a long night.


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