Capes Are A Good Thing

So I’ve seen Man of Steel. Twice. First time, last Saturday with my dad, second time, last night with my boyfriend. I loved it both times. I knew I would. I adore Superman. (Can we go again?)

man of steel
Image from here.

This post isn’t going to be about my review of Man of Steel. Nope. I loved it and I can’t wait for the sequel. Were there some things in the movie I didn’t like? Yes. But that happens with just about every movie, and in the end it didn’t really make me like the movie any less. In fact, I would be happy to go see it again! (And again and again…)


Instead of a review of Man of Steel, I’d like to talk about my experience watching it. In honor of the occasion, I wore my Supergirl costume shirt, complete with a cape. (Because I will take any excuse to wear a cape).

Super Tiffany
It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no! It’s SuperTiffany!

Naturally, such a get up garnered a lot of stares and whispered comments, not that I minded. The little kids were particularly fond of my cape, it seemed. I received lots of smiles and waves. There were even two teenage boys who followed Dad and I out of the theater and honked three different times as they passed us in traffic on the way home.

But the best reaction was from a little old lady.

I was in the bathroom after the movie and she came in. She immediately caught sight of my cape and got the biggest grin on her face. “Oh, I love it!” she cried. I knew right away she was talking about my cape and I returned her smile. “Thanks,” I said. The lady continued to grin and leaned closer, conspiratorially. “He’s something, isn’t he?” I couldn’t help but laugh and think about the movie I had just seen. Several images came to mind. “Yes he is,” I agreed, and I watched her walk away with a smile on her face.

I’d like to thank that little old lady for making my day. I won’t soon forget the “He’s something, isn’t he?” comment, or her grin. It was just a perfect ending to the day.

And the moral to this story? Capes are a good thing. Obviously I should wear one more often!

21 thoughts on “Capes Are A Good Thing

  1. Still waiting for it to come out over here. But having seen the trailer I can hardly wait. This is one worth driving to the cinema for (my nearest cinema is more than an hour’s drive away).

  2. I may also be a fan of the Man…of Steel. I wish I had a few of his superpowers like for instance all of them. And if I were him I would use my powers for pratical jokes and wear the cape to go watch movies about myself so I could get the same type of stares you did. Maybe a little old lady would even comment how I bore a striking resemblance to the guy who played me in the movie.

    1. Haha…the world would be in for a lot more bitterness if Super Bitter Ben were set loose on the world…I don’t think people are ready.
      Yes, I imagine she would. A then she would give an obvious appraising look, probably looking pleased.

  3. Ha! You look awesome in your cape, and that’s one saucy old girl! Could you get her number for me? haha 😉

    Movie looks awesome, haven’t seen it yet though 😦


  4. Haha, every time I read the title of this post I just hear ‘NO CAPES!!!’ echoing in my head from The Incredibles. That women from the film obviously hasn’t seen YOUR cape. 🙂

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