Then I discovered Pinterest…

And was never heard from again.

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Readers, I have a confession: I am addicted to Pinterest.

For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is an online tool used to collect and organize things you love. People use it to find and organize ideas for everything from crafts to home decor to cooking to weddings and parties to travel and more.

I discovered Pinterest almost two years ago, when my boss at the time showed it to me. She was using it to organize ideas for work. I was intrigued, so I explored the site for a while, made an account, and then realized a little bit later two hours had passed. (Time seems to pass differently on Pinterest…)

Now I wake up and do this:

pinning day

Okay, so I don’t really do that. But I probably would if I didn’t have to go to work. Maybe not everyday, but at least once a week.

It’s true.

So what do I pin on Pinterest that so holds my attention? Many things. At the moment I have 41 boards and 10,625 pins. (see? I really am addicted). I have boards for my favorite books, movies, comics, and music, for things that make me laugh, inspiring art, interesting fashion, photography, new recipes, craft ideas, places I want to see, things I want to do, wedding ideas (hey, every girl can dream about her wedding, right?) and ideas for my dream house.

I use Pinterest to spark my imagination when I’ve got a block, to find ideas for new designs, to make crafts, and to pass the time when I’m bored at work (it happens!). I also frequently use Pinterest to fuel my fangirl obsessions, which we will talk about in another post. (one addiction at a time please!)

secret pinterest
You can actually do this now. Pinterest has the option of creating a Secret Board, where you can pin things that nobody sees but you. I have two secret boards. No, I won’t tell you what they are.

My questions for you: Do you use Pinterest? If so, has it been a useful tool or a more recreational thing? If you haven’t explored Pinterest, does it sound like something you could use or enjoy?

If you’d like to check out my pin boards, you can find my Pinterest profile here.

In farewell,  a message from Dori, regarding Pinterest:

dori uses pinterest



42 thoughts on “Then I discovered Pinterest…

      1. I don’t remember that description…are you reading the novel now? I am fairly certain the only think Austen says about his looks is that he is tall, handsome, and has a noble air about him. That he is proud.

      2. I think what everyone is infatuated with is the fact that Darcy changes his behavior for Elizabeth. (What woman doesn’t attempt to change a man at least once in her life?) His love for her changes how he sees the world (to some degree) – and he is able to put aside some personal prejudices for her (and so does she).

        Plus there’s Colin Firth and the wet white shirt. Not at all part of the novel, BBC felt it was necessary to make Darcy go for a swim and emerge soaking wet just as Elizabeth arrives to see Pemberley for the first time. It’s horribly swoon-worthy.

      3. Wouldn’t going for a swim in an algae infested pond, dirty to the highest degree, scare everyone off? It would me. Plus, he made a mistake. He was wearing a lady’s shirt when he re-emerged.

  1. I do have it, but only out of curiosity. I tried to promote my blog on there, but it just didn’t fly well. I’m not going to use it for wedding planning because 1. I am already married and 2. I don’t think I would have used it anyways. Sounds like you have some fun secret boards though.

    1. I get the feeling it is more of woman’s thing. I would be curious to know the user ratios…
      As for promoting, I think it would be more effective to promote art or design, or something else crafty, since the site photo-heavy. I have found some interesting blogs through Pinterest, but that’s few and far between.
      Haha, but you could use it to collect bitter photos to use on your blog. You could have an entire collection of Bitter Boards.
      I do. They’re mostly inspiration-related.

      1. I could perhaps do what I was doing on twitter and take blurry bitter pictures. Perhaps that woudl catch on fire or something. Do you put original stuff that you do on there?

      2. This is true. Yes, even though I had to work, I did enjoy Saturday – went to a parade, had my boyfriend come over to join my family in eating an inhuman amount of food, spent the day visiting and playing games, then went to see the fireworks at night. It was a great day. 🙂 How about you?

      3. Also a good day. We went my brother in laws wife’s mothers house. Put that on a Hallmark card. We had a great view of Puget Sound and played games, went canoeing and shot off fireworks. Wanted to stay but had to work. Did you work Thursday and Friday?

      4. Haha that is something to put on a Hallmark card. Cool, sounds like a good time, except for the work part. Yep, I had to work both Thursday and Friday, which was pretty much a waste since there was nothing to do.

  2. I love your post. It made me realize that I have 130 boards, not as many pins as you though. Any time when I open my Pintrest I just forget about everything, I just can not stop pinning. Because of that I try to go on Pintrest as rarely as I possible. I just know if I start pinning there is no end for it. I always look for inspiration, I’m graphic/scrapbooking designer, photographer, I love cooking and Pintrest is a weel without a bottom.

    1. Thank you. Oh wow! 130 boards, you must have them separated into very specific groups. I’m totally the same way. I have to force myself not to get on Pinterest because I know it’s like jumping into a black hole – I’ll just keep finding more and more…but it is a great place to go to for inspiration!

  3. Back in high school I covered 4 feet of my wall in pictures and quotes I found online. This was before I discovered Tumblr or Pinterest. I’m scared that that crazy person is still inside my head somewhere and don’t dare go anywhere near Pinterest! Everything is just so pretty, I’d spend all day there!

    1. Cool. The wall above my writing desk still has pictures and quotes from online hanging above it…yeah it’s probably a good thing you don’t go near Pinterest…there are days when I wish I’d never heard of it….because I spend far too much time there!

    1. It’s probably a better thing that you spend more time writing than on Pinterest. I get on there sometimes to get ideas for writing, meaning only spend a few minutes there, then an hour later I’m wondering why I have all these cool images but no writing done.

  4. I’ve been wondering why you’re posting so little. I decided to draw the line at Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. Those three keep me busy enough (and not even Twitter…don’t think I really know how it works).

    1. I have too many social media accounts – Pinterest, WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, my Gmail and my account. I need to work out a schedule to balance them all out. Then again, I never was much good at scheduling things for myself…

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