When Silence Was Loud

It’s here, it’s finally here! Friday. And you know what that means…Friday Fictioneers. Special thanks for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for providing the prompt!

copyright david stewart
Copyright David Stewart.

When Silence Was Loud

The crowd gathered below murmured among themselves. Some pointed at the couple sitting carelessly on the rooftop, their eyes raised towards heaven.

“It’s the third time this week.”

“How did they get back up there?”

“I thought the sheriff was going to take care of this.”

“Billy says they’re waiting for aliens.”

They grew silent as the rescue team led the couple down the ladder.

“I thought we’d put a stop to this, Vincent,” the sheriff said sternly. Vincent didn’t answer, only took his wife’s hand in his and smiled. “What are you doing up there anyway?”

“Listening,” Vincent replied.


21 thoughts on “When Silence Was Loud

  1. Jess Mittens beat me to it, I loved the ambiguous ending as well, got me totally curious now! I think either Billy is right about the aliens, or they are just a loving couple who find the peace and solitude up there more precious than the hustle and bustle. And they are just “listening” to the silence, listening to life.

    Well, maybe I’m reading too much into it lol. Loved it either way Tiffany!


    1. Thanks Rohan! I wanted it to be ambiguous – when I was writing about this couple I felt a strong connection between them and I know whatever they were doing up on that rooftop, it was a secret between the pair of them. So no, I don’t think you’re reading too much into it.
      It’s what I love about writing these flash fiction stories – with so few words available to use, every one counts. I have to craft them carefully to a bigger story, but a small, complete on at the same time. Like peaking inside someone’s kitchen window. You only get to see one room, but you know there is a whole house in there you can’t see.

      Thanks again Rohan!

    1. Perhaps. Not quite. You see, this couple have a secret, and it’s just for them. They might have been listening to aliens. Maybe they were simply listening to the bustle of life around them. Maybe they were up there for prayer and solace and listening to God. Or maybe they were just sitting together quietly, listening to each other’s heartbeat, on top of the old coffee house where they met forty years ago. I wanted to leave it ambiguous and open for interpretation.

      1. I be joining them if that were the case! Or I could just try what Lois does and shout, “Help, Superman!” and she if he comes flying in.

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