Quoting the Quill #4

Via Pinterest.

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.” – Paul Simon

Today is a good day.

Even though I stayed up entirely too late last night and I should probably be tired and I have a hundred and one things to do, I can’t help but be happy today.

I’ve got a lot of good things happening in my life right now. And sometimes it’s good just to recognize and be thankful for those things in your life. It just makes me appreciate them all the more.

So let’s review:

  1. In 4 DAYS, I am going to a Jonas Brothers concert with my little sisters and mom.
  2. Tomorrow I get to spend the evening with my wonderful boyfriend.
  3. After three days of rain, the sun is shining.
  4. I have some new job opportunities on the horizon.
  5. I am seeing the Jonas Brothers in concert on Sunday (did I already say that?)
  6. I am surrounded by good friends and good family.
  7. I am healthy.
  8. I am making plans for the trip of a lifetime.
  9. Did I mention seeing the Jonas Brothers on Sunday?!

Obviously you can see I’m a little excited for the Jonas Brothers concert. It’s the main reason for my unusual amount of happiness today.

excited gif
Thanks for accurately showing my feelings, Tumblr.

What can I say? I’m a fangirl at heart.

But the fact of the matter is, I am happy today and I wanted to share that. Happiness just isn’t as good without someone to share it with. So what’s making you happy today? What good and exciting things have you got going on in your life right now? How can I make you day a little better?


Quoting the Quill is meme created by Becky at Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic, which is post every other Wednesday.  If you’d like to find out more or join in the fun, check out the details here.

13 thoughts on “Quoting the Quill #4

    1. But surely something going on in the professor’s life is exciting or smile-worthy? The release of Robin Hood: Prince of Punchy was rather exciting. And funny.

      1. Oh, yes, when I stop and think, there are plenty of exciting things going on! Right now, the rush for Robin Hood Part 2 to appear Friday! Goodness. Great post, thanks.

  1. A concert, how exciting! I hope you have a great time. I’ve just found out that my friend’s managed to get us tickets to see one of my fave bands for August, so I’m megga excited too. 😀

    Glad to hear your life is good right now, long may it continue!

      1. Eeeeeee you must be so impatient, I would be. 😀 I’m going to see The Pretty Reckless, they’re a rock band with Taylor Momsen in (she was in the earlier Gossip Girl episodes and also played Cindy Lou in The Grinch when she was little).

      2. Ahahaha yes I am! My sisters and I are making shirts tomorrow for the concert. 😀 Nice! I’m not familiar with that group – but it’s still awesome you get to see them!

    1. Haha, if I have to choose, I’d pick terraforming to the couch. Krypton’s environment seemed a little harsh to me – I’d like to keep Earth they way it is.

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