I’ve recently taken up archery.

It’s always been something I’ve been interested in, probably since I first saw Disney’s Robin Hood as a girl. Before now, I’ve only used handmade bows (i.e. sticks and string) and toy ones with little plastic arrows with suckers on the end. Other than that, I’ve only admired archery from afar, through various fictional characters in books, film and mythology.

robin hood
This Robin Hood is the best, as far as I’m considered. Sorry, Russell Crowe.
Artemis is one of my favorite Greek goddesses.
And how can we forget Legolas? He took down a freaking Oliphant, for crying out loud.

I’ve always meant to learn archery on my own, but like so many ideas and wishes, it was one that sat on the cluttered back burner in my mind, probably destined to be a might-have-been dream. At least it would have been, had not my boyfriend Ryan discovered my not-so-secret desire to learn archery and insist I practice with him. Thus began my training with the recurve bow.

Why a recurve, you ask? Why not the more modern compound bow, one that would be easier to draw and with a handy sight for more accurate shooting? Well, because the recurve bow is awesome. It appeals to my sense of tradition and what I have always considered to be archery in my mind. All the fictional characters I admire use recurve bows (often ones they’ve made themselves) with a few exceptions (the modern Green Arrow – though he did learn with a recurve – and Hawkeye from the Avengers.). It just feels right that I should use one too.

I like the challenge as well. I’ve had to build up strength (something I’m still working on) to be able to draw the 40lb bow fully and being able to consistently hit the target(s) in a tight shooting pattern is something that requires a lot of practice. But I enjoy the smooth motion of it, the concentration, and the satisfying “thunk” sound the arrows make when they hit the target.

That being said, I don’t think I’m ready for any competitions yet. I frequently miss the target and defy physics by making my arrows bounce off the target or skid across it in ways that really shouldn’t be possible. I do think, however, that I am improving, bit by bit. And I am thoroughly enjoying the process. It’s just one of the many things I have to thank my boyfriend for. We have fun times practicing.

tiffany archer
Just look how Ryan and I slew this tree. Not one arrow hit the target, but we sure got this tree.

So that’s one dream and skill I am pursuing. What is something you would like to learn but have put on the back burner, or something you have always wanted to try and have only recently started? I’d love to hear about them!


22 thoughts on “Bullseye

  1. Now this is super cool! (Though you really must hand it to Kevin Costner, I think.)

    The professor should definitely take this up. It’s great that you’re using a recurve bow. More fun, I would think.

    Definitely keep me posted on this!

    1. Why thank you, Professor! (I do like the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood)

      You should, Professor! It would make a nice edition to the knife-throwing. Exactly! The recurve is more fun. And I would know; I’ve shot both.

      Sure thing!

    1. Haha, awesome! You took the words straight out of my mouth. Chaos should bring back the old weapons, and those skills should be taught in all schools – fencing, archery, etc. (girls included!)

  2. My favourite Robin Hood is Cary Elwes (you know, from Men in Tights).

    The few times I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a bow I’ve loved it. Unfortunately my town doesn’t have an archery club and there’s no place nearby where I can safely practise (aside from the fact that I can’t really afford a bow).

    Another skill I desperately want to learn is fencing – both classical and medieval…especially medieval. But once again, not many clubs in my country, never mind my town. I do have a bastard sword, though (though it’s not battle-ready and, while my wife’s game to practise with me, it’s hard with just one sword). Horse archery also looks fun (you shoot from horseback, not at horses…just in case someone reading this had never heard of it before.)

    On another note, love the Dalek-shirt!

    1. Men in Tights is hilarious. I enjoyed that Robin Hood as well. 😀

      It really is fun. That is too bad that there’s nowhere nearby or convenient for you to practice.

      Fencing would be awesome! I would like to learn that too. And you even have a sword? Sweet. Perhaps if you found another one, you and your wife could practice. That’s cool that she’s willing to learn and practice too. 🙂 Horse archery sounds really hard (and awesome). I’d have to learn how to ride a horse first. LOL

      Thanks! My sister got that for my birthday, and I love it!

  3. Fantastic! I love it when people try new things, whether it’s a hobby or just changing something up, like trying a new food or making new friends—it’s great!

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