Pit Stop

Hello there, readers! It’s time again for Friday Fictioneers. What shall I come up with today? Many thanks, as always, to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for providing the prompt. Enjoy!

jennifer pendergast
Photo by Jennifer Pendergast.

Pit Stop

This is the last time we’re stopping on this planet! I don’t care how good the fruit is!” Zara shouted, straining to be heard over the roar of beating wings.

“Okay, so I may have forgotten to mention the horse-sized insects—but it was still the best peach you’ve ever tasted!” Conner grinned. He ducked as an enormous wasp swooped just above him, its foot-long stinger missing his head by inches.

Zara didn’t answer—she merely pulled out her pistol and shot the bumblebee hovering around the hanger door. “Just keep moving, peach boy. We’ll discuss your selective memory later.”



25 thoughts on “Pit Stop

      1. Awesome! I’m getting ready for a trip to England next week (I’m leaving this Sunday), so I probably won’t have much time this week to read (and I plan on devoting my full attention to this – I’ll keep a response journal and everything!) I’ll let you know as soon as I am ready to start. ;D

      2. Great!

        This silly professor just sent you a note asking when you’d like to begin. Just ignore it–for the professor’s sake… 🙂

        Have a great time in England!!!

        (The professor shall do the same with P&P, but it will end in a rip!)

        Okay, then, waiting on you!!

      3. Too late. I just responded to the email before I saw this comment. :p

        Thank you! I’m sure I will! (And she many Jane Austen things…)

        I reserve judgement for what my opinion of CYKC will be, though I have to say I am looking forward to reading it, and I will write a review at the end. 😀

  1. Love the direction you took with this. I was considering something similar. You managed to tell a lot with very few words. That takes skill. Well done!

  2. Oh my God that was so awesome! Once again, it just sounds like an excerpt from a book I’d love to read haha 🙂


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