Story Time

Gather around readers, I’m going to tell you a story.

story magic
Via Tumblr.

But not just any story. No. I’m going to take one of those little stories from Friday Fictioneers that I’ve gotten such wonderful feedback from and turn it into a longer story, just for you. And the best part is, you get to choose which one! Starting in September, I’m going to round up the previous month’s stories, put them to a vote, and the turn the winner into a longer adventure. So maybe you’ll finally learn what’s been happening to these characters you’ve only caught glimpses of so far.


And just in case you don’t remember these stories, here are some quick links:

Voting will be open until Friday, unless I think we need more time. I’m looking forward to seeing which story you choose! My fingers are itching to write you a story. Also, keep watching for some tales of my trip to England, coming soon!



24 thoughts on “Story Time

    1. The Personals. The one about the two people met at the wedding and were answering each other’s personal ads…then they found out they were living right down the hall from each other?

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