Jane Austen’s Bath

Bath was once home to Regency author Jane Austen. In case anyone didn’t know, she is one of my favorite authors. (Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book). So naturally, while I was visiting, I couldn’t help but seek out any areas of tribute to the satirical author.

jane austen sydney place
Miss Austen spent some of her happier times in Bath living at number 4, Sydney Place.

First stop was the Jane Austen Centre of Bath! Here we were taken through a tour of a town house much like the ones Jane herself would have lived in during her time in Bath, and we learned a brief history of her life, particularly of her time in the Georgian town. Though she did have enjoyable visits to Bath when she was younger, when Jane was forced to move there after the death of her father, she hated the town, missing the wilderness of the country. She barely wrote all while living in Bath, although two of her novels are set there (Northanger Abbey and Persuasion).

jane austen centre in bath
And here is the entrance to the museum…I love the statue outside!

We had a chance to try on Regency style clothes, and of course I couldn’t resist. (I love dressing up). Feel free to chuckle at my new ensemble.

Regency Tiffany
Very matronly, I thought.

After the tour and after I had spent yet more money in a gift shop (I did buy a lovely feather quill though, as well as some sealing wax and a a seal for my letters), my friend Jeneane and I retired upstairs to the tea room for some lovely tea and scones. It was a nice light lunch, and the tea was delicious. I almost bought some of their special blends, but managed to retrain myself.

tiffany drinks tea
Mischievously drinking tea.

During one of the more pleasant times of Jane’s period in Bath, she liked to walk through the Sydney Park Pleasure Gardens. I took an early morning walk there, and it was very peaceful. I could easily see why Jane loved it.

sydney pleasure gardens, bath

But Bath wasn’t the only Austen-themed place we visited. Keep watching for my next post, where I’ll describe our journey to northern England to see the beautiful Chatsworth House, which is believed to have been Jane’s original inspiration for Mr. Darcy’s Pemberley (Pride and Prejudice). Until then, my readers!


37 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s Bath

  1. I was scrolling down through my feed and I was like “who was in Bath?!” and then I felt really stupid, because we just had this conversation this morning….Anyway, that’s really cool! I’m so glad there’s someone out there giving me a virtual tour from a Janeites perspective.

    1. Hahaha. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And it’s fun for me to write about, because then I get to reminisce about my days in Bath…I’ve only just got back home and already is feels like an age since I was there!

  2. I really do love reading these posts. What a great time! You look great all dressed up like that. You didn’t get to bring the dress back, did you?

    And the tea! Another place the professor will just have to visit.

    1. I’m glad! I really enjoy writing them. 🙂 Aw, thank you. Unfortunately, no, it was just to try on. But someday…I shall own my own Regency dress. Miss Tiffany loves to dress up. 😀

      The tea was marvelous! So do stop by if you ever have the chance!

      1. I wouldn’t say immediately say no to the idea. You know, I had a dream last night of a little boy named Huckleberry, whose mother was killed by a wolverine…it was slightly terrifying. Huck wandered the wilderness and never said a word to anyone. He was a proper wild boy.

      2. It was an interesting dream, for sure. No idea where it came from. The wolverine in particular. Let me tell you, poor little Huck was traumatized by the incident. He witnessed it, you see.

      3. Perhaps. However, he did go on to shun all society and basically became a wild man. Though I’m fairly certain my dream ended with him getting curious and then trapped in a big house or building, with this redheaded teacher trying to calm him…

  3. I feel so jealous! You’ve been to all these great places that I’ve either never been to or haven’t visited in decades (like Bath). They look so great I’m tempted to do a “round the UK tour”! Funnily enough, Bath is on the way to Cardiff – that could be my first leg 🙂

    I reckon you could absolutely rock being “Regency Girl”. I’m looking forward to reading all about Chatsworth House (which I’ve also never been to 😦 )!

    1. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to visit so many of the places I’ve read about and dreamed about for so long. I think you would have a fabulous time if you decided to do a round UK tour! Ah yes – do stop in Bath on your way to Cardiff, it’s the perfect in between stop! 😀

      I think I would enjoy being a Regency Girl, at least for a little while. 🙂 Chatsworth was another amazing day trip, which you will hear all about soon…

  4. This post is making me sad, because I have never been to Bath before, well, my aunt has and she did go to this museum. I was wondering, how would it be if we too belonged to that age?

    1. Aw, I hope you get a chance to visit there someday. I think it would be wonderful to belong to that age – wonderful and difficult – I imagine would would miss some of our 21st century amenities and freedoms.

      1. Yes, that’s true; but nothing can take the mystery off my mind of the life spent in that age. I don’t know why, but it seems to me something like magic (and yes, keeping the difficulties in mind). Haha, well, I think I have my head in the clouds now. Anyway, visits to such places are wonderful experiences, aren’t they?

      2. I know what you mean. I daydream about it frequently. Ah, nevermind having your head in the clouds. I think I like the view from up here. 🙂 Yes, visits like these are amazing. 🙂

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