Journey’s End

We’ve come at last to the end of my posts about England. It had to happen sometime. I’ve shared the tales of my big adventures in Bath, London and Northern England, and now we must say goodbye.

English clouds
Goodbye, beautiful English countryside. It was good seeing you.

My final day in Bath was spent packing, walking through the city one last time (finding the perfect souvenirs for my siblings) and saying my goodbyes. That night Jeneane and I went to dinner with Fabienne at the Saracen’s Head Pub (one of the oldest pubs in Bath), to say goodbye and thank you for letting us stay with her during our trip. (I miss her already!) The food was delicious – I think it was some of the best food I had during the whole trip. Plus we got a delicious dessert – a dark chocolate brownie drizzled in cherry sauce and served with either warm custard or vanilla ice cream (we got both).

dessert at saracen's pub
The photo is a bit dark, but you get the idea – it was one delicious brownie.

In the morning we left for London. We booked a hotel that was close to Heathrow Airport, since my flight left early. Jeneane’s flight left a little later in the day (she went on to Thailand instead of coming home) but we wanted to go to the airport together. We arrived in London mid afternoon, checked into our hotel, and stayed there. Quite simply, we were worn out, and it was nice to relax for a while.

So I made some Skype calls (as did Jeneane), wrote in my journal, listened to some music, did some reading. Later, Jeneane and I went down to check out the pool, and then we ordered pizza – which was an adventure in itself, let me tell you. Ordering over the phone had some difficulties – I think the guy had some trouble understanding my American accent. Despite that, we did manage to get our order in, and we enjoyed some delicious pizza before turning in for the night.

The morning found us rushing to the airport for our final goodbye. I swear, saying goodbye in the airport has to be one of the hardest things to do – it almost feels like you won’t see them again. But maybe that’s just me.

The plane ride home was so long. Ten hours to Houston, then a couple hours home to Columbus. I tried sleeping, but like on the ride over, I just couldn’t sleep on the plane. So I watched Iron Man 3 twice and I wrote a short story – but it still didn’t make time go by any faster! The closer I got to home, the more anxious I got to get off the plane and the more I wanted to see the faces of my parents. That and I was dying for a drink of real iced tea, which apparently didn’t exist in England (I know, I looked).

Tiffany on a plane
Here’s me, on my final plane home. Check out my fabulous hat from Bath!

When I finally arrived in the Columbus Airport, I hurried out of the terminal, scanning the room for my parents. Mom saw me first, and she immediately yelled across the room “Tiffany! What is on your head? You look like a goon!” Yep. Nice to see you too, Mom. I had to laugh, because that is exactly the sort of reaction I expected from her. I was wearing the hat (as the above photo shows) I bought in Bath. A very fine hat, if I do say so myself.

Coming home was wonderful, made even more so by the fact that Mom and Dad brought my boyfriend along to bring me home. Two weeks suddenly seemed like a very long time not to see someone.

I spent the ride home talking about my trip and hearing everything in a strange underwater sound since my ears hadn’t popped since getting off the plane. It was really weird. I had to distribute gifts and hugs as soon as I got back. It was so good to see my family again. I had the minor misfortune of bringing home a cold, which my boyfriend mysteriously caught later that week (no idea how that happened) but it cleared up eventually.

It was strange, being back home, almost like the past two weeks had been a dream. But they weren’t. They were one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I am so glad to have been able to have that and share it with you. Thanks for reading. See ya on Friday!


29 thoughts on “Journey’s End

  1. I kind of love that the pizza guys had trouble understanding your American accent. That is hilarious! I never really stop to think that while I am frustrated trying to understand someone’s accent over the phone, that they probably are just as frustrated on the other end! Funny how even the small things can strike me as humbling 🙂 Sad that I can’t live vicariously through your posts anymore. I think you probably need another vacation, because I sure do! 🙂

    1. It was funny afterwards, but a little frustrating when we were ordering. That is very true. I’ve never really stopped to think how hard it could be to understand my accent (since obviously, I wouldn’t hear my accent). Haha, I would love another vacation! I shall simply have to keep doing interesting things to post about, so that you might live vicariously through them. 😀 But hopefully you can have a vacation of your own soon! 🙂

    1. Thank you. It truly was. Haha , I’m glad. I’m should think you would be very stylish if you did wear one. All the ladies would be jealous, and you could start a new trend in the Punchy Lands.

      1. Haha she thought it was great – it’s just not her style. My mother is very amused by my sense of style and is sure to make me aware of the fact. Sometimes I test an outfit by my mother’s reaction. :p Haha, I can see her face now, if she saw the professor in one. I’m sure we would all have a good laugh.

      2. You know, in Bath there was this store just for men that had hats, scarves, jackets and coats, gloves, etc. I’m sure you could have found something there. Tell me, what does a Mark Twain hat look like?

    1. Thank you! It really was. Pizza in England tasted pretty much the same as some pizza here. If you don’t believe me, ask my brother. He asked me to bring him a slice back as his souvenir, so I did – somehow that got by customs. :p It was pretty funny though!

      1. When I was in Orlando we bought a fart gun from the Despicable Me Universal store and airport security didn’t like that at all. They made me take it out and they had to to inspect it. I didn’t want to get it in the first place, so I was pretty bitter about it being such an ordeal at the airport.

      2. No way! First of all, I can’t believe you own a fart gun. Second, did the security laugh when they realized what it was? Though I totally understand about being bitter – airport security sucks to go through.

  2. I’m glad you had such a great time! We should hire you for the English tourist board 🙂
    Very smart hat, very 20’s I thought, a bit “Downton Abbey” (if you’ve ever seen/heard of that TV programme).

    1. Thank you! I would definitely like to visit England again someday. Haha, perhaps I could just write for their magazine or website. 😀
      Thank, I thought it was a bit 1920’s too. I haven’t seen Downtown Abbey, though I am familiar with it. I think I would enjoy the show if I had a chance to watch it.

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