Comics and Cosplay

Last weekend (September 21-22) my boyfriend and I went to the Ohio Comic Con in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by Wizard World. We had a blast! My only regret was that we didn’t get to spend more time there. (but there’s always next year!)

For those of you who don’t know, a Comic Con is a convention of people sharing their love for comic books, movies and art. There are meet and greets and Q&A panels with actors, artists, writers and guest speakers involved in the comic book world, costume contests, art and tons of merchandise. It’s a great way to spend the weekend!

Last year I went as the TARDIS from Doctor Who. This year however, I went the comic book route and went as Wonder Woman. It was awesome!

Tiffany wonder woman
It’s Wonder Tiff!

Ryan went as Green Lantern (Guy Gardner version). Together I think we made a pretty good team.

super team
Bring it on, villains.

We had great fun seeing all the other cosplayers. There were some awesome costumes there. Lots of people asked to take our picture or get a picture with us, which was fun. There’s a certain amount of confidence I think, that comes with being dressed as a superhero. I certainly felt ready to take on the world in those high heeled red boots.

comic con cosplay
Met another Wonder Woman with an awesome Linda Carter version of her outfit, and a fine looking Man of Steel.
green lantern cosplay
Found a fellow Green Lantern!
Batman cosplay
Also found a really tall Batman…

Besides amazing cosplayers, Ryan and I also saw some famous people. We went to the William Shatner Q&A panel – he was so funny! – and the Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee!) Q&A panel. Both were really interesting and fun to be a part of. We didn’t ask any questions, but enjoyed watching and listening just the same.

Sean Astin
Sean Astin was a really nice guy. I had no idea he had such a full career either!

After the Q&A panels, Ryan and I headed back out to the floor to look at all the art available – one of my favorite parts of the Con! I really enjoyed visiting with the artists, watching them work, and looking at all the different pieces. I ended up buying about ten different prints, including some of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Doctor, a really cool looking Gandalf, and Darkwing Duck. Several of them are already hanging on my wall!

We stayed until the floor closed (and a little after, because I was chatting with one of the artists) and then headed out to get something to eat. (both of us were starving). We changed clothes (but I left my headband on, because I thought it was cool) and went out for a nice dinner before heading over to the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar, where the Comic Con After Party was happening. We didn’t stay long there (because by then we were both tired) but it was neat to the watch the two pianists. They really knew how to work the crowd.

Basically, it was a great day. I’m already looking forward to next year and planning my costume. It’s going to be fantastic!






16 thoughts on “Comics and Cosplay

  1. Wonder Woman has never looked better.
    By the way, you’re absolutely awesome for attending a comic con in costume. On behalf of nerds everywhere, thank you for giving us something cool and beautiful to look at during our gatherings.

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