Something New

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to Friday Fictioneers! Many thanks to Rochelle, who gives us our weekly photo prompts.

Just a quick update before I jump into the prompt: I have been working on the extended version of Sanctuary, which you guys voted for me to write in my Story Time poll. I know I should have had it up earlier, but hopefully you’ll forgive me. If we’re lucky, I might be able to get it up today. Two stories in one day!

Anyway, on to the prompt.

Copyright: E. A. Wicklund.

Something NEW

Motley’s life was not an exciting one. The tide, sea storms, the daily catch of fish and the constant bickering with his brother Ratsy never changed. That is, until she came.

Motley had seen plenty of humans before, enough to know this one was different. She washed up with the morning tide, battered and bloodied with the tail of a fish and a screaming bundle in her arms. With what seemed like her last bit of strength she pushed the screaming bundle, a baby, onto the beach and let the tide carry her back out to sea.

This was new.

42 thoughts on “Something New

    1. That was Motley’s observation. His life is a routine, but the appearance of this non-human and baby was something new for him. I had wanted to write more, but was limited by the 100 word constraints.
      Thanks for reading!

    1. The inspiration for this one actually came from a story I started writing years ago…another one of my unfinished projects, waiting on the sidelines. So there is definitely a lot more to this story. Pirates, sirens, revenge, adventure…I might start working on this again!
      🙂 Thanks for reading. Indeed, our dialogue continues…

  1. Your story is something new to me: I’m used to mermaids being portrayed as protectors of sailors, but this is a twist on that because I’m guessing the baby is a human (otherwise, he/she could breathe underwater if they were merfolk too), but that the mermaid was so injured. Great story from the point of view of the gull (awesome names!) and throwing in a wrinkle in there showing how hard the mermaid worked to save this life.

    1. Awesome! I’m glad I was able to create a twist. This is actually from a story I started writing years ago (another one of my unfinished novels) only told from the point of view of the gull (glad you liked the names!). Thanks for reading!

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean. Short stories are great t spark imagination or if you need a quick read, but almost always leave me wanting more! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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