Hello and welcome to Friday Fictioneers, dear readers! Time once again for me to tell you a short story based on the photo prompt provided by the lovely Rochelle. Since I spent my time reading Rick Riordan’s new book, House of Hades, into the wee hours of the morning last night, my brain is full of Greek and Roman stuffs, making it impossible to write about anything else.

Thank you to everyone who voted in the October Story Time Poll. It was a close vote, the but winner is…Ever After! I will post the extended version of this story at the end of the month! (And for those of you who voted for Biggest Mistake…perhaps I will consider writing to stories this month, since the vote was so close. 😉

And now on to the prompt! Enjoy.

Copyright by Sandra Crook.


“Thief!” The cry rang out across the market square.

Felix ducked under a cart full of clay pots and rolled to the other side, leaning on the wheel while he caught his breath. He really hoped this astrolabe was worth it. His fingers twitched around the dials, but Cato was the smart one, not him. He was only good at stealing things. Behind him shouts rose up.

The tradesman had summoned the Vigiles Urbani, the watchmen of the city. Being caught by them would be bad. Jumping to his feet, Felix stuffed the astrolabe inside his tunic and started running.

43 thoughts on “Thief

    1. Perhaps it was, Doug! Though I don’t think Felix would understand it any more than the ones who found that device in the Antikythera wreck did. Thank you, I think I could definitely make a novel out of this. Perhaps someday I will. Thanks for reading!

  1. Exciting slice of a bigger story. I liked the way you wove in the characterisation: Felix is good at stealing, but not clever; Cato is clever, and I’m assuming he’s no good at stealing! Ann

    1. Thank you! You assumed right. Each character has his own strengths and weaknesses…but they need each other to survive. I’m not sure if I’ll continue this story or not, but I’m certainly filing them away, just in case. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      1. I’m filing. I’m also following – your blog – as you have good ideas which I will steal. Apt response to the title of your story, I hope: Thief! 🙂

      2. Haha filing and following. (I will follow you as well). Nice. But thieves will be hunted down relentlessly by the Vigiles Urblogi (Watchmen of the Blog, LOL)…a great response indeed!
        Seriously though, I am glad to provide any source of inspiration, since so many wonderful writers do the same for me! 🙂

      3. So that’s who’s been following me – the vile Vigiles Urblogi. I’ll not open the gates if somebody appears at the door(phone) with a wooden horse in tow.

      4. Now you made me read up on all this Greek and Trojan stuff. The Prince of Troy should have had his own key, then he might not have ended up being dragged around by his heels for 12 days attached to a cart or something. And his dad would have avoided paying a hefty ransom just to get his son’s rotting corpse back from Achilles. This Greek stuff reads just like a soap opera. See you next week, I trust. Ann

      5. Haha, touche. The Greeks loved a good drama and a good tragedy. You couldn’t have a hero story without one, and certainly not a war story. Indeed! See you Friday!

  2. I was away last week, and only got to read the first ones posted… fun to catch up and find this tense, thrilling piece. Funny how you were reading and Roman/Greek based book and woke up to this… and lucky for us, it fed your imagination. Nice job, Tiffany!

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