Six Words

Today I received a challenge from fellow blogger, Adam Ickes.  In his Monday post, which you can find here, he shared some six word stories he’s written in the past. His challenge to all his devoted readers was to write some six word stories of our own. So here’s my shot at it. Enjoy! 100 words on Fridays suddenly seem so much easier now…


Found: love letter, return to sender.

Dear John

Your suitcase is by the door.

A Little Luck

Heads up. Found a penny. Lucky.


Playing for keeps. Roll the dice.


Met at midnight. Stole a kiss.


Her first kiss. Soft, gentle, disappointing.

Dream Catcher

Hanging above her bed, nightmares stop.


27 thoughts on “Six Words

  1. That is so amazing! Isn’t it incredible how much mood and drama you can capture in just six words! These “micro” and “flash” challenges are great! It’s easy when writing longer works to get so excited about the plot (the forest) and forget about the individual words (all those trees!), not realising it’s the trees that readers first see! (it must be bad metaphor day for me 😉 )

    I’m not sure I could do the six word challenge as good as these ones though. Well done!

    1. It really is. Words can be so powerful, arranged in just the right way. Haha, it was a good metaphor – I get it! And it’s so true. I’m glad you enjoyed these – I wasn’t sure if they worked or not. It’s always a gamble, putting your work out there. Thanks for reading!

      1. No problem! There’s always great stuff to read here!

        I had to get up at 5am last Saturday (Australian time), to make sure I posted my flash fiction by Friday afternoon (most of the world time), so I was a bit sleepy. That’s why my comments on Bill and Mags were not very well expressed!

    1. You’re welcome! Oh yes, 100 words now seems easy as pie. I think I wrote a few dozen of these yesterday, like you did, and these where the best of the bunch I thought. Thank you! “Disillusionment” was my favorite too.

    1. Thanks! “Dear John” was rather blunt, haha. If he doesn’t know what he did wrong, I imagine he’ll figure it out pretty quickly. It was fun and challenging to write these. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Let me tell you, they weren’t so easy! I think there were at least a dozen others I wrote that weren’t so good, but these turned out alright. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. What a cool idea — and a big challenge. Your stories, while very short, suggest of scenes and plots well beyond six words. And I agree with your comment: Friday Fictioneers stories seem like sagas compared with these!

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