Gearing Up for NaNoWrMo

2013 NaNoWrMoIt’s here again, folks.

The month of writing frenzy. This November, thousands of writers all over the world will be locking the doors to their rooms and chaining themselves to their desks. In the midst of writing pep talks, advice, tips, tricks and tales of author struggles, writers will be battening down the hatches and doing what they do best: writing.

The goal on the NaNoWrMo (National Novel Writing Month) is to finish a novel of at least 50,000 words by the end of November. There isn’t a prize for  finishing, except that rough cut novel, ready for editing and the satisfaction of a job well done. There aren’t any rules, merely guidelines for helping you get through the month. For example, who’s to say you are restricted to just writing a novel? Maybe you’ve got a series of short stories you’d like to finish, or a collection of poems or personal essays you’ve been working on but haven’t finished (or even started on) yet. November is the month when you can lock yourself away and work on accomplishing those goals.

Last year, instead of writing a novel, I decided to start a blog, something I had been wanting to do for ages. I set the goal of two posts a week and I did it. Nearly a year later, I’m still blogging. I think my decision last November was one of the best I’ve made in my writing career.

This year I going to try another novel. Two years ago, when first participated in NaNoWrMo, I worked on a novel and got to about 25,000 words. Let’s see if I can’t go the full distance this year, shall we?

To all those writers out there who are signing up this November, I wish you the best of luck. Let the madness begin!


36 thoughts on “Gearing Up for NaNoWrMo

  1. Do you post a few chapters, like 2-3, of a novel of yours here just to see readers’ reactions before speaking to a publisher? If so, may I go have a peek?

    Also, is it a good idea to do that at a blog after all? Any success stories you know?

    I’m sorry about asking too many questions in one comment, because you sound like an expert!

    1. I don’t post any chapters of my novels on my blog. If I were going to be published, I might offer a sneak peek, but only then. I do post a synopsis of my work in progress and my completed work in case a publisher did stumble across my blog and was interested.

      I don’t personally know anyone who has gotten published this way, but I do know that having a blog with samples of your writing is a good reference for publishers you send work to. They can see your style of writing and the following you have on your blog. Mostly I think having a blog is good practice for a writer – it certainly keeps me writing regularly, and gives me good feedback and encouragement.

      No, it’s not too many questions at all! I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, but I do know writing is one my talents – and I am always happy to help anyone with that same passion. If you have more questions or you just want to talk about writing, you can send me a message on my Contact page. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. No, I am just collecting writing samples of aspiring and accomplished writers for an analysis of how evolution works and for a calibration of a typical writer’s writing age. It’s important for investment purposes. 😉 I’m joking…

        I’d like to thank you though, for such a thorough response to my questions. Impressive!

  2. I tried for about two days last year, then realized there was no way in my situation. Two kids, Thanksgiving and a whole lot of other things, make it so I can’t do it in this period of my life. I have written a first draft of a novel and it was 120,000 words but it was 2 1/2 years so not quite NaNoWriMo, but it my way and that’s all I care about.

    1. I always wondered why they chose November as the writing month- seems to me like it would be one of the busiest months for a lot of people, but somehow we manage. Really? What was it about?

      1. I guess some people ignore their families at Thanksgiving to write. Though as a introvert, I have to say that being in NaNoWriMo would be a great excuse to not talk to people.

      2. I guess they do. Haha, yes, NaNoWrMo would be the perfect excuse not to talk to people. That is, if you are usually a writer anyway If you’re not and suddenly in November you use it as an excuse to get out of family functions and talking to people in general, they might suspect something.

      3. Maybe when my parents come to visit in April, I will tell them that I am participating in NaNoWriMo and I can’t talk to them, just to toture them. Even though it is April.

      4. Yes, April 9th is birthday and evil appreciation day. I assume that everything is going to go to plan. We need our evil logo and all our minnions hired by then so we can blame the incompetence of the party on them.

  3. Good luck!
    Every year I think up some excuse not to do it. Finally this year I have a real reason (my impending house purchase = no time and no internet).
    Of course, it’s unlikely to happen in November so really, just another excuse.

    1. Thank you!
      If I follow my usual pattern, I’ll write like a madwoman for a week or two, then miss a couple days, and then those days turn into more days…and so on. Really, I should just be writing everyday, not just in November. I make excuses too…

  4. I haven’t the time this year, but I wish you all the best with your challenge, can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂 I also started my blog during November last year, can you believe it’s been a whole year?!


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