It’s Friday Fictioneers day! The best part of the week. A special thank to Rochelle or providing the weekly prompts, and to all you readers and commenters – you guys are awesome! Also, a note on October Story Time – I will be posting the extended version of Ever After next week, so be sure to watch for it!

Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy.


“You can’t stay out here forever.”

“Yes I can.” Maria stared resolutely at the koi pond in the backyard, her arms folded over her chest.

“Mom wants to talk to you. Come inside so we can talk like a family.”

Maria broke her staring contest with the fish and glared at her sister. “We’re not a family anymore,” she hissed. “Mom took care of that.”

Her sister sighed. “There are things you don’t understand. Let Mom explain them.”

Scoffing, Maria went back to staring at the fish. “I don’t want to hear her excuses.”

Her sister left without another word.


20 thoughts on “Divorce

      1. The puns will never cease. It will work as a distraction to the heroes. They will be so busy groaning at the puns that they won’t be able to concentrate on saving the world.

  1. Wonderful story. It is interesting to me that ponds and lakes are often the back drop for all sorts of human encounters.



    1. Thank you. Perhaps it is the soothing motion and sound of the water – or in the constant motion of the water we see a comparison to our own muddled thoughts. Or maybe, since so much is yet unknown about the oceans, we seek to make our problems more clear by putting them next to something so much bigger than us.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Dear Miss Tiffany,

    This was simple, to the point and very moving. I think you did an excellent job telling the story, complete with the unfulling ending that acompanies most divorces.



  3. Dear Tiffany,

    You’ve captured the turmoil children go through when parents divorce. It’s natural to blame one parent or the other. The dialogue is spot on. Well done.



  4. Like the fish she watches, Maria is caught in her own world, oblivious to the things around her. This is a good look at avoiding those things that we’re not yet ready to deal with.

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