Tactless Dummy

Hey there, my faithful readers! Things have been crazy busy with my new job, but never fear, I wouldn’t forget about Friday Fictioneers! A quick thank you to Rochelle for always providing us with an interesting prompt. She rocks!

Also, just a special note: This post marks my 100th post on this blog!

Without further ado, enjoy this week’s story, wherein I write about the misadventures of Steve the dummy:

Copyright Sean Fallon
Copyright Sean Fallon

tactless dummy

It had been a rather poor decision, Steve mused. He sighed, which was difficult since his head wasn’t currently attached to his body. “I was only trying to help,” he said aloud, causing the woman passing by to jump.

At least his mistress had put him on the doorstep instead of in the rain. But it was rather harsh to take him apart and leave him without arms, he thought.

“Consider my lesson learned,” he grumbled.

“What lesson was that, dear?” the doorknob said sleepily.

Steve snorted. “Never give fashion advice to your mistress, especially if she is a witch.”


25 thoughts on “Tactless Dummy

      1. Quite so! And she won’t break the mirror – 7 years bad luck and all. But Steve…well he’s just a dummy. Perfect to take out her frustration on. Haha! Thanks for reading!

  1. Dear Tiffany,

    It just goes to show you that even a witch doesn’t want the truthful answer to “Does these jeans make my butt look big?”

    Fun story. I’d like to know what the doorknob did to piss her off. 😉



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