Hello and Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope you’ve all had a marvelous week. It’s been a short week for me – I only had to work two days! Hooray for the holidays.

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Now it’s time for the best part of the week…Friday Fictioneers! My thanks, as usual, to Rochelle for providing us with an interesting prompt. See my take on it below! I could have easily made this one longer…hope I was still able to convey everything going on in my brain in just 100 words.

Copyright Ted Strutz.


Verity surveyed the empty diner as she sipped her scalding coffee. It was completely clean, no sign of the violent struggle from the night before. If she left now, it would be like she’d never been there. A bitter taste rose up in her mouth that had nothing to do with her black coffee.

“You’re lingering,” said a smooth voice behind her. “Thought that was one of your rules?”

“Never linger,” she said, beating him to the punch. “What brings you here, Agent Mirran?”

“Gulliver was a good agent.”

“He was more than an agent, Mirran. He was a friend.”


11 thoughts on “Lingering

  1. I like the bitterness not having anything to do with the coffee – sets the scene for her state of mind. I also love the great names you always choose for your characters 🙂

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