Rebel Love

Friday is here at last, which means it is time once again for Friday Fictioneers. A thank you goes out, as always, to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Enjoy this week’s photo prompt and story.

Copyright Randy Mazie.
Copyright Randy Mazie.

Rebel Love

“I think I love you, Leslie.”

She considered this as she took a long drag of the cigarette they were sharing. It tasted foul, but her mother had forbidden her to do it so that seemed reason enough to try it. “We could run away,” she suggested.

“And get married?” Jeff asked.

Leslie shrugged. “Sure.” She was certain her mother would never want her to marry Jeff, the skinny kid who had the appearance of the drug addict but was really intelligent. He liked listening to Mozart. If that wasn’t smart, Leslie didn’t know what was.

“Then let’s go tonight.”

23 thoughts on “Rebel Love

  1. Ah, kids! It’ll end in tears.
    Or is that just my cynicism coming to the fore?
    I’m not sure if she loves him or if she just wants to rebel against her mother. Possibly she’s not sure either!

    1. Most likely, yes. But who knows, maybe they’ll make it. I think Leslie is just as confused about her feelings as the rest of us. I think she both likes him and wants to rebel against her mother, and here seems like the perfect opportunity for both. Thanks for reading!

  2. Oh, poor foolish impulsive rebellious child. Hope it works out, but the way she’s written I can only see it ending in tears as reality shows her what harsh truly means. Good story!

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