Six Word Stories – January

A while back, I posted Six Words, which was a collection of six word stories. The prompt came from Adam Ickes, who has since begun the habit of posting six word stories on the sixth of each month. You can check out his stories here.

Well I’ve decided to join in on this madness. So on the sixth of each month, be sure to stop by for some super short stories!

Alright. Here we go…

six words graphic
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The Vow 

By candlelight, he declares his love.

 Guardian in the Dark

The nightlight kept the nightmares away.

Good Morning

Messy hair, sleepy eyes, but beautiful.

World Famous Reporter

One day, you’ll read my byline.

 They Make Her Blush

Harlequin romance novels. Get one free!

 No Tears for Lucy

She never cried, except on Tuesdays.


What six word stories can you come up with?


9 thoughts on “Six Word Stories – January

  1. Love them all. I’d pick “Good Morning” as my favorite. It’s a perfect encapsulation of love. “No Tears for Lucy” is a close second. Something about only crying on Tuesdays is absurdly hilarious to me.

    1. Thank you! “Good Morning” I wrote from experience. I thought it worked pretty well. There’s just something natural about it. Haha Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week. So if I had to pick a day when I cried, it’d be a Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by! I love this challenge you’ve started. 🙂

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