Welcome to Friday, dear readers! It’s finally here! As you might have noticed, it’s been a busy week here on my blog. Four posts in a week…I think that might be a record! But I’d like to start making that the norm. Photo Challenge of the Week, Sketch of the Week, Friday Fictioneers, and whatever else is on my mind for the week. What do you think?

Results are in for December Story Time! There was a tie between “The Exchange” and “Lingering,” so as I promised, since I skipped last month’s Story Time, I will write stories for both! Watch for those coming soon.

And now on to the real reason for this post…Friday Fictioneers! Thanks to Rochelle for providing the prompt and Dawn Q. Landau for the photo. Enjoy the story!

Dawn Q. Landau
Copyright: Dawn Q. Landau


A choked cry shattered the tranquil scene on the white beach. A dark haired man dressed in a ragged suit flopped onto the shore, coughing and sputtering.

“Oh! Are you alright?” A barefoot woman with long curly blonde hair appeared at his side.

“Who are you?” he sputtered.

“I’m Aleese. Who are you?”

“Charlie.” He pulled himself up and brushed sand from his knees. He blinked against the bright sunlight. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know,” Aleese said cheerfully. “But it’s awfully pleasant here. Bit lonesome though. Not a soul to be found for miles!” She smiled. “But not anymore!”

*Note: This story is alternatively titled: Charlie’s Angel.

22 thoughts on “Limbo

    1. Thanks! Aleese is an enigma. The readers seem to be split on whether she is a good or evil spirit. I guess only time will tell if he is from Charlie’s dreams…or his nightmares! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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