Weekly Sketch: The Bounty Hunter

This week’s sketch is a rough n’ tumble kind of woman – she’s out for blood. And a sandwich – she’s a bit on the skinny side, isn’t she? Haha! Enjoy.

Mushroom Hunter TM
This woman means business.

Drawn with graphite pencils 2B-F on 60lb paper.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch: The Bounty Hunter

    1. I can’t believe someone actually recognized the sack of mushrooms! I’ll tell you why. Because this sketch is actually in response to a joke made by my coworkers, who apparently are city boys and have never hunted for mushrooms in the woods.
      Anyway, I told them that I don’t like to eat mushrooms, but I like to hunt them. So they started laughing and said they had this vision of me dressed in cameo, crawling through the woods and hunting mushrooms with a gun. So I drew this. There is actually more to this drawing – there are these mushrooms running away and a bullet being fired after them, but I decided not to include them.

      1. I was just going out on a limb with the mushrooms. I thought it looked like that, but I wasn’t 100% sure. Now that I know the backstory I wish you’d have included the mushrooms running away.

      2. Well, it was just a rough sketch. I didn’t think anyone would notice. Cool that you did! Haha I thought about typing out the whole backstory, but ultimately opted not to. Maybe you’re right though. I should have included the whole thing.

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