Weekly Sketch: It’s a Bird, it’s a plane..it’s Superman!

I’ve been watching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman with my Dad in the past month or so. We’re on our fourth or fifth re-watch. Of all the superhero TV shows he and I watch, Lois and Clark remains the favorite. It never gets old!

Superman by far is our favorite superhero. He’s fun to draw too (it’s the cape). Enjoy this sketch of the Man of Steel from the animated series!

Done with graphite on 60lb paper.

Superman by TM

16 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch: It’s a Bird, it’s a plane..it’s Superman!

  1. I enjoyed Lois and Clark during it’s brief run. Dean Cain made a fabulous Superman, but his stock fell precipitously following that role. Now he is rattling around on Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel.

    I sort of bounce back and forth between Superman and Batman, although the Green Arrow is drawing much of my interest as I watch Stephen Amell in the CW drama Arrow.

    1. Dean Cain was an amazing Superman! One of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. It’s too bad that role defined him. I actually met him two years ago at Comic Con. I was ecstatic!

      Arrow is a phenomenal show! Did you see the latest episode? I really like how they are developing his story. Though I must admit, I sort of miss when he just took out the bad guys. One of my favorite episodes so far was when he went in and rescued Walter single-handedly…that was awesome.

      1. I am simultaneously watching new episodes and catching up on Season One on Netflix. I can see some plot holes, but it is good enough it does not distract from the show.

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