Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

This week’s Photo Challenge is: Juxtaposition. (Now there’s a word that takes me back to my AP English class…) A juxtaposition is contrast. So for this challenge I’ve chosen another one of my photos from dear old England…a fern growing heartily out of the stonework in the city. The flowing, natural beauty of nature flourishing beside the structured, geometric style of that which is manmade.


fern by tiffany

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

  1. Such an odd place for a plant. I guess nature always finds a way.

    I transferred out of AP English after the first week. I totally hated it. Is that weird for someone who enjoys writing? haha

    1. I was! That’s why I snapped the photo. And it was eye level too, just begging to be seen.

      I loved my AP English class, actually. It was one of my favorite classes I took in high school. But I can understand not liking it, even though you enjoy writing. It’s different sort of writing you have to do in AP!

      1. AP Chemistry and AP Computer Science were my favorites. Hated AP American History too, but didn’t transfer out of that one. That class turned me off of anything history, mostly because the teacher was an ass.

      2. Oh yikes. Now AP Chemistry and AP Computer Science…those sound like nightmares to me. But I also took AP Calculus in high school, and I’m convinced no class could be worse. AP History I would enjoy, but that sucks the teacher was an ass. I think that would turn me off the subject too.

      3. That is true. When it came time for me to take my college math requirement, it was cake. I almost wondered if I should have even bothered going to class sometimes, it was so easy. I guess I’m glad I took it too.

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