Six Word Stories – February

Hello everyone! Once again we’ve come to the sixth of the month, when I, following the example of the delightful Adam Ickes, write 6 six word stories. Enjoy my eclectic set of entries for today!

six words graphic
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Tea Parties and Ostrich Wings

I daydream about the silliest things.

Delighted to be Difficult

Regina Mayfair contrived to be contrary.

Glorious Birth

From blood and gore, Pegasus came.

Let Go

Between heartbeats, she released her arrow.

Better Late Than Never

On bended knee, he begged forgiveness.

War Is His Provence

Shields splintered. Hope died. Death arrived.


Which one is your favorite?


13 thoughts on “Six Word Stories – February

  1. Delightful, huh? lol I really should come up with some kind of logo for this tiny event we hold each month. I like yours, but I’d forget to add credit where credit is due every month.

    It’s a tossup between the first two for me, but I think “Tea Parties and Ostrich Wings” is ahead, but just by a feather or two.

    1. Yes, delightful indeed! Hmm, that sounds like a fun job. I am a graphic designer…I made this one in a rush. I’ll see what I can come up with for you. 🙂 No need to ad credit after the first time. I’ll just give it to you.

      I think “Tea Parties and Ostrich Wings” was my favorite too. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. My favourite was “Between heartbeats, she released her arrow” – not only a well-written phrase but it has so many possibilities for the story surrounding it. Was it a real arrow or a metaphorical one? Was her heart beating from excitement, rage, exhaustion, passion, fear…?

    1. Thank you! I had pictured it in a physical sense, simply because I miss shooting my bow, and I was thinking of it. But I like your expansion on it. There are indeed many possibilities. Thanks for reading!

      1. You should definitely give it a try! It’s good fun.
        And yes, I do shoot a bow. 🙂 A recurve. I wrote a post about it a few months back, if you’re interested. It’d be under the “Life” category.

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