Angels and Devils

Oh no! This week was completely chaotic for me, readers. So unfortunately, I was unable to post my Friday Fictioneers story on Friday. But never fear, I would never miss a prompt.

Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for providing our weekly prompts, and thank you to David Stewart for the photo. Enjoy this week’s story!

david stewart
Copyright – David Stewart

Angels and Devils

Jacob Hornsby believed in angels.

He knew they existed because he found one. He saw her everyday at recess.

His favorite days were when she played on the swings and her long hair flowed in the wind. And when she laughed, he knew she was perfect, just like an angel.

Lily Harrison believed in devils.

She knew they existed because she saw one everyday. He watched her at recess.

He also tugged on her braids and took her pencils, the ones with her name written on them. And when he laughed, she knew he was trouble, just like a devil.


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