Six Word Stories – March

Happy March 6th, everyone! A new month means a new post of Six Word Stories! This month we have a fun prompt from Adam Ickes. He gave us six words to choose from but only one can be the theme. Our words: Love, Evil, Dinner, Animals, Circus or Grunge. I’ve chosen Dinner, but I think it falls under the Love category too. You be the judge!


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No boundaries

She found him to be insatiable.


Hands outstretched, he yearned for her.

 Always Hungry

Mind, body and spirit, he hungered.

 five courses

Her mind was the opulent feast.

 Make it Chocolate

Her body was the decadent dessert.

 Like Rain in the Desert

Her spirit was life sustaining water.

 An order never filled

Only forever would satisfy his desire.


21 thoughts on “Six Word Stories – March

  1. Very good writing. I particularly liked the follow on between “Her mind was the opulent feast” and “Her body was the decadent dessert”. Every relationship needs that combination of the mental and the physical

  2. Many of these veered far more towards love than dinner…but what I really like about it was that there was a theme of dinner while talking about love. The way you kept the theme up painted a very detailed picture.

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