Heaven and Earth

Friday is here! It’s finally here! And with it comes everyone’s favorite post…Friday Fictioneers! Many thanks to our fearless leader, Rochelle, who always provides such interesting prompts.

This week I have a quote that goes along with today’s story:

“Love is a lifelong struggle for one destiny. It is pride in what we have become; faith in what we can be. It is not moments of unleashed passion that prove our love, but the countless hours of commitment spent between; it is the daily tending to, the nurturing, the preparation for tomorrow, that gives love its strength. It is two people caring, above all else, for one another that makes love endure.”

– Gust C. Buterakos

Enjoy today’s installment!

Copyright: Danny Bowman
Copyright: Danny Bowman

Heaven and Earth

“Jules? Julian, do you read me? Please respond,” a desperate female voice sounded over the com.

Julian crawled through the smoldering wreckage of his beloved ship, Nightingale.

“I’m here, Trisha.”

“Where are you? Why hasn’t your ship docked yet? We have minus two minutes til the jump.”

“The Nightingale is down.”

There was a pregnant pause. “Then I’ll get the Commander to wait. I’ll have them send in a retrieval pod to extract you, I’ll…”

He could hear her choked breathing. “I’ll find my way back to you. I promise. Don’t lose hope.”

“Never. I love…” The line went dead.


17 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth

  1. Good quote. Good story. Good job!
    Have you read Lydia Netzer’s novel Shine, Shine, Shine? Your story reminds me of it!



      1. A great novel with unforgettable characters. I almost typed unforgettable pictures! sheesh



    1. No he is not. Yes, I was thinking it could be an epic story of one man’s journey cross galaxies to get back to the woman he loves. And why should she wait for him? She could go looking too.

    1. Thanks for reading, Amy! I don’t know about that – it could be, but I think Julian really will make it back to her, even if he has to cross galaxies, or at least die trying.

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