Come To Me

Happy Friday, dear readers. Once again it has been a whirlwind of a week, completely full of work for me – I’ve started dreaming about my to do list on a nightly basis. Does that mean I work too much? Anyway, I apologize for my brief absence – but I wouldn’t miss Friday Fictioneers for the world. Thanks, as always to Rochelle for providing the prompt and this week to Adam Ickes for the awesome photo!

Copyright: Adam Ickes
Copyright: Adam Ickes


come to me

Under the villa, past the boardwalk. Come to me. –E

Christine clutched the crumpled note to her chest as she skipped down the boardwalk. She felt as light as air, like the warmth that bloomed in her chest would lift her into the blue sky like a balloon, and the only thing that kept her tethered to the earth was waiting for her in the villa.

As she got closer, the faint strains of Eric playing his guitar reached her and she smiled when she recognized their song:

How wonderful life is, when you’re in the world…

And it was.


39 thoughts on “Come To Me

  1. Dear Tiffany,

    I understand about the workplace taking forefront in your mind. I’ve been experiencing a bit of that myself lately. 😉

    What a nice romantic take on the prompt. Enjoyable read.



    1. I think it does. Maybe I should start writing all my blog posts on the weekend and just have them post automatically. But that still doesn’t give me time to see everyone else’s posts…

  2. Thank you Tiffany! This is such a lovely story, and I was afraid you would add a horrible twist at the end (tends to happen in this group! 😉 ). I really enjoyed seeing her happy skip, stay happy. It’s a really nice story!

    1. Thanks Nan. I’ve gotten several comments like that – I guess all of us here at Friday Fictioneers have gotten used to writing sudden twists! Now we just expect it in everything…

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