Domestic Bliss

Well readers, Friday has arrived again, bringing the fun of Friday Fictioneers. Thanks this week to Rochelle for providing us with the prompt and to John Nixon for this week’s intriguing photo. Enjoy today’s story!

Copyright John Nixon.
Copyright John Nixon.

Domestic Bliss

“And do you know where she met him?” Jane asked her wide-eyed children.

“It was a in a wood!” Leo piped up.

“A pretty sort of wood,” corrected his big sister Anna. Leo stuck his tongue out at her.

Jane hid her smile. “That’s right. The prince was out hunting. He never expected to find…”

“The most beautiful girl he’d ever seen!” The children chorused.

Outside the door, Trent listened to his wife finish telling their children’s bedtime story. When she came out, he pulled her in for a kiss. “My turn.”

“A story in kisses?” she whispered.

“My favorite.”


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