Six Word Stories – April

Welcome to a new week, everyone! Technically I should have posted this post on Sunday, since it’s supposed to be “Six on the Sixth,” but the weather was beautiful, the internet was slow and I’ve been working through my lunch hour – so I’m posting it today instead. Today I have 6 six word stories you, prompted by some words by Adam Ickes. The words are: Weather, Fire, Pain, Pleasure, Ink and Purple. Enjoy my tiny tales!

six words graphic
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Rain or Shine

She always wore red rain boots.

When She Laughed

There was fire in her eyes.

Pain like no other

Knee bent, he asked. She refused.

Pure, unfettered

Singing, her voice held only joy.

Where No One Could See

Rebellion was pressed on her skin.

unspoken promise

He gave her violets for faithfulness.

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