Happy Saturday, dear readers! I’m a little late, (again) but it’s time again for Friday Fictioneers, and this week Rochelle has a fun photo by D Lovering for us to write from. If you want to read some other stories by the Fictioneer writers, check them out here. Enjoy my story!

Copyright: DLovering
Copyright: DLovering


“Aster, quit gawking at the heavens and get down here and help!” said called his mother crossly. Aster didn’t move. Briefly his eyes flickered down to the movement in the courtyard below him, where dwarves of all sizes were busy clearing away the mess of last night’s festival.

Come on Aster, join us for a pint!” his friends urged him.

Join the dance,” beckoned a pretty dwarf maid.

But his eyes were turned skyward, drinking in the stars.

“Aster!” his mother called again.

He sighed. Dwarves were earth bound, but his heart was in the heavens.



4 thoughts on “Starstruck

    1. Curses! I think I did too. Wasn’t it supposed to be April 9th? Oh well. No one said evil had to be on time. We keep our own schedule! I think you’re right. Time to give it a bit of a refresh and work on those badges I started so long ago.

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